Fossil Men's Hybrid Smartwatch FTW1126 - £116 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive

Fossil Men's Hybrid Smartwatch FTW1126 - £116 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive

Found 4th Nov 2017
Fossil Men's Hybrid Smartwatch Q Crewmaster - £116.00 @ Amazon (Prime Members)
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Got one of these 2 weeks ago. Really great looking watch and smart features are limited but work well. Had several comments about how good it looks and at £116 it is a bargain. Amazon delivered next day (Prime trial subscription)
I love mine, limited but useful smart features with the added benefit of it looking like a conventional watch. Paid £150 for mine in June so this is a bargain.
Seems like there are some good prices on the rest of the Fossil smart watches too. Thank for the heads up!
Heat added. I love my fossil watch collection!
I have a fossil watch which I absolutely love, I get comments all the time.

I was looking to add to the collection but have been always been keen on a smart watch due to my job and I had no idea they did such a watch! Thanks for posting OP. I don't like this one personally but the others appear to be on sale also!
I have one but went back to my Pebble after a few months because the Fossil Android app is terrible. Always has problems syncing (and therefore getting notifications too). You also have to keep the app open/ pinned all the time. It's a big shame because it's one of the very few "work appropriate" smartwatches, and if you're just after something that tells you that you have a notification so you're not always getting your phone out at work, it's all you need. Really wish the software was more reliable.
Will this work with iPhone notifications etc
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