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Fossil Sport Smartwatch Smoky Blue Silicone £89 @ Fossil

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Smoky Blue Silicone £89 @ Fossil

£89 Free P&P FreeFossil Deals
Posted 17th Jun
Fossil Sport Smartwatch Smoky Blue Silicone for £89.00
Use topcashback for extra £9.46 cashback.
So eventually below £80.

Seems like a good deal imho.
Free return if you don't like it.
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Good deal and heat added... bad battery life and some mixed reviews though...
I got mine delivered more than two weeks after ordering it. They ignored requests to cancel order, and then it arrived - looked nice but the battery life is VERY poor not even 24 hours. Found only about a quarter of watch faces would work. Shazam worked excellently But too many negatives and it had to go back. Shazam and nice looks weren't enough
Been this price,basically since ages,and actually cheaper not long ago. It's becoming like the "new" three AYCE £18pm deal..appreciate your effort in sharing the deal.
Avoid, one of the worst pieces of tech I've ever bought. Sent off for repair and came back worse, Fossil are not at all helpful. Battery, GPS and overall performance is terrible. I wouldn't recommend even if it were £30
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Has been this price since January (no higher than this from fossil directly). On top of that it’s had a number of timed discounts over the last six months bringing it as low as £65 so it’s a cold from me.
Sent back mine after couple days, truly useless piece of kit. Battery so weak can't really stream between watch and phone, doesn't have enough storage to hold local media and generally slow. No better than my mi band 4
Got a couple of these watches for myself and the wife for £65 each a few weeks ago: battery life and performance are subpar and not something you'd call a smartwatch, let alone a fitness device.

Used it to track a couple of short runs (circa 40-60 mins) and cycling sessions, that used GPS from my phone, and had to recharge pretty much immediately due to the watch not barely any charge.

Really sluggish OS (keeps freezing pretty much everytime you want to use the watch) , it seems like everytime the Wear OS gets updated, the watch gets sluggish and features being removed.

Used to have Google Authenticator (no longer on the App store on the Watch) on it which was something I found very useful, ability to read your heart rate manually and both the things have been removed with the latest update.

Google Pay works, however it is finicky, as you'd need to keep hovering over payment terminals for it to be read correctly.

Even at £65 it is not worth in my opinion.
Cold is been less than 70 recently a couple of times
I purchased this watch when it was £62. Returned 3 days later. It eats a battery like a monster. When it's 15% it turns into battery saver mode then die 1 minute later. It's terribly slow - you touch and it does what you touched after 3 second (or ten sometimes). Updating to the newest system took about 4 hours. No, thank you.
Any recommendations for a ladies android wear os watch please?
Was looking at this but from the comments looks not worth the hassle.
j100018/06/2020 07:33

Any recommendations for a ladies android wear os watch please? Was looking …Any recommendations for a ladies android wear os watch please? Was looking at this but from the comments looks not worth the hassle.

Any reason for wearOS? It’s not got brilliant support and isn’t kind to watch batteries.
Thanks for your reply. I have the huawei watch 2 sport and tbh its been a decent watch. Can receive/ answer calls with it, reply to messages, watsapp, maps etc.
Looking for something for my mrs simlar but mayne updated specs.
Any help would be appreciated.
Too many bad reviews?
I am still waiting for my refund after it was sent back two weeks ago. Even allowing for Covid delays, thats bad Do yourself a favour, AVOID
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