Fosters Radler 440ml cans x4 £1.99 at Home Bargains

Fosters Radler 440ml cans x4 £1.99 at Home Bargains

Found 18th May 2014
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I just bought 3 of the bottles for 1.49 from same shop. didn't see the cans in my local
i mean 4 for 1.49
Great price might as well stock up for the world cup LOL

i mean 4 for 1.49

Not bad £2.50 in co-op, not a fan of Cans...of anything to be fair.
Will check it out.
Great price.

Plays havoc with my psoriasis though!
There's a nice little tip to make one can of Fosters unlimited. Just pee back into the can and redrink it.
As if regular Fosters wasn't bad enough...
Hot. Home Bargains (as well as B&M) have great alcohol deals!
2% what's the point, I drink to get drunk!
Not bad for a refreshing summers day and for those who don't want to get hammered.
money saving tip: buy whatever cheap lager is on special, buy whatever lemonade is on special. drink it. its called shandy, should be cheaper than the fosters or Carling attempts at shandy branded as this.
sorry forgot to mention: mix the two liquids.
These work out cheaper than the bottles, I think they taste nice,and I am sure others do too, we are taking some on holiday to spain (after a long day on the beach these will go down nicely, or maybe even on the beach)
Good price if you like it.....for me it's one of the most disgusting things I've tasted .....still hot though fot those who can drink it
It's a nice cool drink for the summer, but it's no more alcoholic than fermented knats ****.
I quite like these, but the lime and ginger one is nicer.
Yum, Australian wee now with lemon. Great price none the less
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I picked up something called 'Radler' in Lidl that was 50p a 440ml (possibly 500ml) can and 2.5% strength. Tasted very nice, I enjoyed it more than the Fosters version in this deal. The ingredients mentioned it being 50% german beer
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