FOSTER'S SCUBA 440ML x 10 Cans £7.89 in Store @ Somerfield

FOSTER'S SCUBA 440ML x 10 Cans £7.89 in Store @ Somerfield

Found 3rd Oct 2009
Quite a nice drink.

10 Cans for this price.

They had a SEL on for the price, but I had to get the Somerfield guy putting the beers out to sort out the deal for me as I would have thought they would have come in a box being 10 of them, but he just loaded up my arms with 10 cans and I had to tell the check out lady that it was on offer.
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So its fosters with a widget ?? Can you really taste the £1.89 extra for 10? Thats 3 cans more you could buy and then you wouldnt know what beer you were drinking anyway.
i dont like this to be honest tho i do like fosters
ive not tried this but bet it tastes like Carling premier which means that it goes down like a glass of cold water in a heatwave and before you know it its gone.

lager with a widget is too easy to drink as it has no taste and as lager is supposed to contain gas it does not appeal to the usual lager drinker. anyway lager that contains a widget to keep it smooth is called **** weak beer.
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