Four 1 Pint Cans Of Magners In Store £2.99 @ B&M Dunstable

Four 1 Pint Cans Of Magners In Store £2.99 @ B&M Dunstable

Found 7th Jun 2015
I was in the store looking for a Teppanyaki grill and just happened to wander over to where the cider and beer is (the way you do). I picked up a couple of four packs of one pint Magners cider cans for £2.99 a pop.

I have no idea if it's national as it's not on the B&M website and the store I usually use in Luton doesn't appear to serve alcohol. (So apologies for the link to the B&M website rather than the deal itself-I know how frustrating that is).

I'm having a get together for my birthday in a few weeks so I'll be popping in on a daily basis, who knows, if I keep buying it perhaps they'll keep ordering more in? Thats probably the best price I've seen for Magners but I'm happy to be corrected if there's a better deal.
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They shouldn't sell beer! !

They shouldn't sell beer! !

If you prefer bottles (as I do) currently 6 for £5 in Aldi, always nicer out of the bottle cold.
This was briefly in my local B&M (Sheffield Haymarket) but sold out very quickly. They did however have 8x440ml packs of Magners for £4.99.
Son: Mum!
Mum: What?!
Son: I've fallen over the beer in B&M again and they said I have to buy it!
Mum: What are you like?!
Son: Oh I know!! Btw we've run out of exclamation marks, so I'll have to go get some from B&M
Mum: Do they do fridges? Mine's full of beer.
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