Four Brothers DVD £2.54 + Free Delivery @ Select Cheaper

Four Brothers DVD £2.54 + Free Delivery @ Select Cheaper

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Found 30th Jun 2009
When their beloved foster mother is killed in a holdup, four tough brothers reunite in their old Detroit neighbourhood with revenge on their minds. Mark Wahlberg plays the brawl-hungry leader, Bobby. His brother, Angel (Tyrese Gibson), is a rowdy sailor with a high-strung Latina girlfriend (Sofia Vergara). Garrett Hedlun plays the young rock and roller of the clan. And Outkast's Andre - 3000 - Benjamin, is the family man whose tenuous mob connection may link him to the killers. Director John Singleton ably blends his action skills (Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious) and his gift for capturing the warm heart at the centre of violent urban masculinity (Boyz In The Hood) to create a cooked-to-perfection gangster stew. A soundtrack jammed with 1970s Motown classics roots everything firmly in the gritty tradition of the best of that decade's blaxploitation and urban revenge thrillers. Action highlights include a skidding car chase through snowy streets, some rough street hockey, and a bullet-intensive neighbourhood shoot-out. With its talented, likeable cast, clever plotting, and sharp dialogue, this is a real crowd-pleaser that nonetheless doesn't shy away from depictions of street violence. There's not an ounce of fat on it no extraneous romance, and no going straight at the end. Terrence Howard (Hustle And Flow) is the well-meaning but ineffectual detective who tries to put a lid on the boys' rebelliousness. The spirits of Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson would be proud, and action fans will be well pleased.
Audio commentary from director John Singleton
Deleted scenes
'The Look Of Four Brothers' featurette
'Crafting Four Brothers' featurette
'Behind The Brotherhood' featurette
'Mercer House Shootout' featurette
Theatrical trailer


Is this a weaker cider than Five Brothers?

lol - no but it is one great film and well worth the money

Yep, Great film this

haven't seen this but definatly worth a watch for £2.54

thanks for taking the time to upload :-)!

Top film
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