Four Enchanting Stories By Roald Dahl DVD only £2.00 instore @ Asda

Four Enchanting Stories By Roald Dahl DVD only £2.00 instore @ Asda

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Found 17th Apr 2009
The Enormous Crocodile:
When the Enormous Crocodile boasts that he is going to eat a child for his lunch, the other jungle animals decide to foil his dastardly plot. Children of all ages will delight in the exploits of Humpy Rumpy - the hippopotamus, Muggle Wump - the monkey and the amazing antics of the Roly-Poly bird.

Revolting Rhymes:
Six of the best loved nursery rhymes retold, with some extremely amusing twists, by the master of the comic and blood-curdling, Roald Dahl.

Dirty Beasts:
Roald Dahl, the master of wicked humour, has created a ghastly menagerie of dirty beasts - all doing the most extraordinary and unmentionable things, in irreverent and absurdly comic verse. Including Crocky-Wock, the crocodile, who every Saturday has six young children for his lunch and how Miss Milky Daisy, the cow, punished a very rude man.

The Magic Finger:
"When the Magic Finger is upon you extraordinary things begin to happen..." and when the Magic Finger is put upon the Gregg family for shooting some ducks, only the inventive imagination of Roald Dahl could have devised the events which take place!

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