Four Lions DVD (pre order) £3 @ Tesco Entertainment

Four Lions DVD (pre order) £3 @ Tesco Entertainment

Found 24th Aug 2010
Released on 30.08.2010.

(Edit: Looks like you can save a further 45p using the 15% code.)

Unsure if this is a misprice or just a (v) good deal.

I don't know if it'll be this price instore.

Blu-ray is nearly £16



cool thanx wanted to see this and cheaper than my weekly chinese dvd woman!!!

great film -this MUST be a misprice!


great film -this MUST be a misprice!

Lte's see if the price promise is rubbish or not. But great OP, want to see this and awesome release price if it works.

cheers! just ordered dont think i will be getting it tho as tesco usually cancell mis prices

Awesome!! been wanting to see this for ages!!

£12.99 now

Great work by Morris and the writers of Peep Show.

f**k the mini babybel!!!!

Just ordered my 2 bro's xmas presents there!!! AND the wife told me to get one for us!! Thanks OP heat added!!

ordered my 3 at £3.00...will they honour?

just ordered, hope they honour it?

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It was good while it lasted. Worth a punt.

i snoozed and i loozed. cant wait for this to come out on dvd. rubberdinghyrapids.

Would be great for everyone who ordered it at £3 if Tesco do honour their mistake, it's a shame that I was too late if they do honour.

Chris Morris is a genious of dark comedy, Jam and Brass eye are works of art!

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Got a call from Tesco today telling my my order has been cancelled. They've given me a £3 credit (and not charged me, obviously).

It was worth a punt.

Got the same call. Apparently the price promise only works with the price they want to sell at. So a page with a Tesco price promise means nothing. Doubt I'll use them again.

Just had the same call from Tesco to cancel order, agreed Tesco price promise is worth nothing.
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