Four Lions on DVD pre order at amazon only £3!
Four Lions on DVD pre order at amazon only £3!

Four Lions on DVD pre order at amazon only £3!

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Chris Morris's new film, is on pre-order for an astonishing £3. down from £19.99

DVD Description
A handful of young men set out to take on the decadent West but are more of a threat to themselves than anyone else in this black comedy from the creator of Brass Eye, Chris Morris. Omar (Riz Ahmed) is a devout Muslim living in the United Kingdom who has decided to form a terrorist cell to bring forth a jihad against a culture he believes is dominated by the sinful and ignorant. However, Omar isn't much of leader, and he's assembled an unimpressive team of fellow terrorists, among them Waj (Kayvan Novak), who lacks the brainpower to come up with ideas or direction on his own; Faisal (Adeel Akhtar), who is shy and doesn't have much to say; and Barry (Nigel Lindsay), a recent convert to Islam who tries to make up for his lack of practical knowledge with fierce passion. As Omar and his comrades debate both doctrine and methods, they ponder such notions as using birds as explosive devices, creating video communiqués with a hip-hop flavor, and attacking mosques in an effort to provoke non-violent Muslims. But are Omar and his partners a legitimate threat to the safety of Great Britain, or just four half-bright twenty-somethings with more bluster than imagination?



do they honour misprices?

great price! thanks!

Bargain for a new release! It's gotten great reviews but the film is gonna offend a fair few!

I ordered it

if tesco dont honour my order and this goes up im gonna be madddddddddd

Have heat, OP, thanks.

wish the bluray was this well priced.

thanks, just ordered for hubby, he didn't get a chance to watch it in the cinema

heat added

Ordered thanks!Looks pretty good from the Youtube trailer.

Original Poster


wish the bluray was this well priced.

me too, but I couldn't ignore that price!

do they honour misprices?

I've never had a problem with them not, here's hoping!

Mis-price or just a real cheap price?! haha Ordered thanks OP will keep an eye on the email for cancellation! ha

have they just price matched tescos misprice from earlier? seems strange they both have/had it for 3 quid?

ordered the one from tesco, and this one, just incase one isn't honoured, will give one copy away if i receive both. Thanks


ordered the one from tesco, and this one, just incase one isn't honoured, … ordered the one from tesco, and this one, just incase one isn't honoured, will give one copy away if i receive both. Thanks

done the same-if I get both I will let another HUKDER have it for 3 quid,in case people are at work and missed this-I just cant unedrstand whats going on-seems mega weird that tesco did it for 3,then amazon match it-no way can this be the right price!

Ordered, thanks.

that's one for me and two for folks at work who don't use hotukdeals - heat added (and thanks).

been waiting for this to be released. looks good


cheers ordered - awaits email saying it was a mis-price


do they honour misprices?

How long you been on this site? You gotta know Amazon are notorious for fake prices as I prefer to call them. As bad as HMV. Play have come through on a number of occasions for me but recently let me down.

I really want to see this so have pre-ordered. Gotta be a misprice though right?

Thanks OP. You never know!


I've ordered 2, must be a mistake!

Amazing, pre ordered mine

Cheer ordered one, fingers crossed

Was going to wait for the Blu to drop in price, but at this price the DVD will do me for now!

Nice deal, thanks!

Worth a shot!

Nice one... ordered!

Cheers was going for blu ray but this is so much cheaper

Heat added. A massive bargain if they honour it.

Nice one.. Lets hope its honoured

worth a dabble

twice in one day at the same price... weird.

Awesome, hope this isn't a misprice! HOT!

Cracking film, excellent price!

Ordered two, great price, brilliant film.
Heat added.

I think they have put the wholesale price (excluding VAT because it is coming via Jersey). And their T&C state (not Amazon).

"Despite our best efforts, a small number of the products in our catalogue are mispriced. If a product's correct price is lower than our stated price, we charge the lower amount and send you the product. If a product's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before dispatch or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation."

Worth a punt! Thanks

Had a go, cheers!

fookin scorching!!!!!!!!!!

REALLY lookin forward to this....

Comes recommended by Nick Griffin.
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