Four Piece Office Set for ONLY £39.99 from £99.99 thats LESS THAN HALF PRICE...HURRY LIMITED STOCK
Four Piece Office Set for ONLY £39.99 from £99.99 thats LESS THAN HALF PRICE...HURRY LIMITED STOCK

Four Piece Office Set for ONLY £39.99 from £99.99 thats LESS THAN HALF PRICE...HURRY LIMITED STOCK

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i think thats a really good price

* Desk (H)75.5, (W)80, (D)50cm.

* Filer (H)59, (W)46, (D)50cm.

* Bookcase (H)181.5, (W)43, (D)30cm.

* Chair (H)76, (W)46, (D)42cm.

* Beech finish set containing desk, 2 drawer A4 filer, bookcase incorporating cupboard with adjustable internal shelf and silver coloured folding metal chair with plastic seat and back.

* Bookcase has 4 shelves (including base) and one cupboard to fit A4 files.

* Filing cabinet has two drawers, one suitable for A4 suspension files.

* Desk suitable for monitor up to 15kg.

* Weight 61.5kg.

* Self-assembly: 2 people recommended.


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i think its a really good price...but i guess our swedish comapny (ikea) will beat that hahah

do you have cat no.?

Be VERY careful when buying this set. Every wonder why they have dropped the price from "£100, down to £50 then to £40?

I bought one around 2 months ago when they were £50, hmmm I thought this looks like a good deal. And it is if you want a wobbly bookcase where the structural holes are the same width as the damn screws! So yep, you guessed it, when you turn the screws, they turn...and turn...and nope, they dont tighten because the hole is the same width as the screwhead so they just go straight through. I wouldnt go putting the Royal Doulton on the shelves if you know what I mean. I had to buy heavy duty wide headed screws to secure and tighten the build.

On a lighter note, the 2 drawer pedestal isnt too bad. The desk, well, I've yet to build it as I was disappointed with the bookcase as it was the main thing I was looking to use first.

Add into the fact that it weighs in excess of 50kg in 3 separate boxes. And yep, you've guessed it, each item isnt confined to its own box, some parts of the bookcase are in box 2 or 3, some parts of the pedestal are in boxes 2 and 3.....lol If you pick this up from your local store, make sure you have an estate car and 2 people...or 1 big car and a tight squeeze for the second person to get back into the care..lol

So after getting shafted for £50+ quid, got multiple hernia's carrying the boxes from the store counter to my car, in 3 run's may I add! I get it home, do another 3 runs from the car to the bedroom upstairs...only to find that the build quality is ploppy chops. Its getting binned soon and I'm going to Ikea! lol

sorry but i have to agree!!!! I would never buy any furniture again from argos. i bought a wardrobe last year, its barely standing up now! the doors are heavier than the frame so i would stick to ikea if i were you! much better built from ikea!


do you have cat no.?




Argos Site is playing up, think they are running maintenance, try this direct link if deal link doesn't work > ]http//ww…%3E

They do site/stock updates every night around this time. It usually lasts for an hour or just over it.

Text the catalogue number followed by a space and the store town name or … Text the catalogue number followed by a space and the store town name or number to 61201. We'll text back your reservation number.

would this be ok if u used wood glue and some tidy screws then??

dont want it if its ****

Yep, with regards to the bookcase you can use wood glue to give a more firm build, however you will require larger headed screws to tighten the whole frame though, (8 in total, 2 shelves are screwed to each side, 4 screws per shelf). If you left these loose or used the screws that come with it, you would only leave it open to the possibility of collapse at some point.

The 2 drawer pedestal/filing cablinet appeared to be okay and I dread having to build the desk in case of any further surprises.lol.

I bought an office cupboard from Argos, halfway through assembling it I noticed that the screw holes were in the wrong place on one of the sides. I phoned up and complained so they sent a replacement and took the other one back, after I had snapped bits off it to get it back in the box! I thought I'd check the screw holes before assembling the replacement, wrong again! Got another one delivered which was ok but they didn't ask for the faulty one back so after a bit of measuring, drilling a few holes and plugging the useless ones I ended up with 2 office cupboards for the price of 1! :thumbsup:

This looks alright but can't check stock right now, so will have a look later.


would this be ok if u used wood glue and some tidy screws then??dont want … would this be ok if u used wood glue and some tidy screws then??dont want it if its ****

No amount of glue and screws will turn this into a quality item. You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear!

Argos flat pack furniture is the worst.

I often get customers calling me to assemble flat pack, chipboard furniture that they've bought. It's never superb quality, but it suits a purpose and if properly assembled can last a few years. Obviously, some manufacturers are better than others. (A sideboard from Next got my top marks for quality, but that's another story)

On Thurday I assembled a ]wardrobe, a ]chest of drawers and ]bedside drawers from Argos. Total cost £320. Total real world value £0 !!!!! If you stand well back and take a photo of the stuff it looks quite nice. However, when you touch it and actually use it you realise that it's the nastiest cheapest tat. The chipboard has the density of weetabix meaning that screws can easily strip when you tighten them. The laminate surfaces are thin, soft, easily marked and chipped. Holes and grooves often don't line up properly. Drawer bottoms are thin, bendy hardboard etc etc

Heed my warning: It's Argos flat pack furniture that gives flat pack furniture a bad name.

certainly no stock in my area. I was looking for something cheap to go into my garage as storage so looked a good buy. Couldnt get my other half to make for that price, although he would do a much better/quality job
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