Four/Six pack free ice creams via Checkoutsmart

Four/Six pack free ice creams via Checkoutsmart

LocalFound 15th Jun 2017
Buy a packet of four selected ice creams at Asda, Tesco, Morrison or Sainsburys and claim the money back via Checkoutsmart
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Asda Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
ASDA Toffee Cones 4pk
ASDA Chocolate & Hazelnut Cones 4pk
Tesco Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
Tesco Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
Tesco Cookies & Cream Cones 4pk
Tesco Knickerbocker Glory Cones 4pk
Tesco White Chocolate & Raspberry Cones 4pk
Sainsbury's Mint Cones 4pk
Sainsbury's Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 4pk
Sainsbury's Toffee & Vanilla Cones 4pk
Sainsbury's Chocolate & Nut Cones 4pk
Morrisons Nutty Chocolate Cones 6pk
Morrisons Cookie Crumble Cones 6pk
Morrisons Mint Choc Cones 6pk
Morrisons Strawberry Cones 6pk
Morrisons Toffee Ice Cream Cones 6pk
These are often account specific. Always good to share, anyway but not showing in my account.
Must be account specific, not showing on mine oO
Not on mine either!
not on our accounts either - perhaps it's only for those who have newly signed up?
or might be just for new members not on mine
not on mine either
Not for me either
Not on mine either
Not on mine either
Nobody bar the OP has this so far.
not on mine
Not on mine
This deal is going Antarctic
How odd, I just double checked and it's on both mine and my wife's account...
I just looked and I have it
not on mine
I've got it. Excellent. Thanks
Not on mine either
I have it!
I have it!
Got this offer on my account ta op.
Hot from me got this on my account, thank you OP
Deal must have got too hot on my families accounts and melted away as can't see it on any.
Edited by: "exel1966" 15th Jun 2017
I wish by eating them it would give me a 4 or 6 pack.
Not on mine
Not on my accounts either.
I've got it!
Yes. Free ice cream! Cheers op.
not on mine
I've been robbed of ice cream, nothing on my app, why send randomly, everyone should receive the same offers!
Redeemed mine today! Yum yum
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