Fox's 720g speciality biscuits 2.50 @ Tesco

Fox's 720g speciality biscuits 2.50 @ Tesco

Found 6th Jan 2011Made hot 6th Jan 2011
I know these have been on here before but is this the lowest. Did a quick search and the previous low was £3. Sell by date on the ones in my local tesco was 27/8/11 so plenty of time left on them.


Can confirm this price, seen a few greedy people in my local with each about 10 tins in their trollys, really gets on my nerve as I only wanted one but was sold out by the time I got to the shelf.

i saw this in the grimsby store today!

Bought this from Morrison for about £4 before Xmas - thought that was a good deal, so this is HOT!! Lovely biscuits too.....

I bought the 1kg box of 'Foxs Favourites' biscuits in Tesco, Leamington Spa, for £1.50 today. Price ticket stated £4.50 but scanned at £1.50.

any in maidstone

Asda had the cheek to sell these for £10 before Christmas, must have been making several hundred percent profit.
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