Fox's Biscuit Assortment Tin £3.49 @ Morrisons

Fox's Biscuit Assortment Tin £3.49 @ Morrisons

Found 27th Mar 2009
Assortment of Fox's biscuits in a gorgeous burgundy tin, on offer for only £3.49 at Morrisons. It's listed as a 'better than half price' deal, as usual price is £8.99.I haven't seen many of these tins around, containing five types of biscuits... it may be limited edition.
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There were a lot of these tins around at Christmas.

Many stores did try punting them @ £8.99 and indeed I think Tesco even tried £9.98, but in the end most stores had to reduce them to £4.99 or £4.49 (half price) to get them shifted.

FarmFoods normal price for this item was £5.00 last Christmas.

£3.49 is certainly a good price - but check the BBE date as they may be old Christmas stock!
Spot on with your price run down :thumbsup:
Unfortunately this not the premium Foxs Creations its Foxs Heritage.....the poor mans biscuit :lol:
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