Fox's fabulously biscuit selection tin - 650g £1.25 instore at ASDA

Fox's fabulously biscuit selection tin - 650g £1.25 instore at ASDA

Found 4th Jan 2014
Reduced aisle section so may not be available in every Asda

Very nice selection, about 8 on the shelf in Asda Blantyre
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Forgot to say that the best before date is 18/10/14 on the tin I picked up
still £2.99- £3.99 in Morrisons etc, saw them today, so this is cheap
Don't know what's 'fabulous' about them, any collection that includes custard creams and bourbons surely can't be considered 'fabulous'...and I've nothing against those varieties, they're nice but about as cheap and ordinary as biscuits come!
£2.50 in Tesco. Looks like Asda's the place to go.
Awesome Deal
They were £3.49 in Sainsbury's Thursday.
You get plenty of the cheaper biscuits in this tin and only a couple of the fancier ones in the selection. Usually overpriced but decent at this price. Hot!
Pants, just paid £2.50 in Tesco for the same ones
£1.50 in sainsbury a few days ago
anyone else got them for this price?????

no? didnt think so
Is it still their?
None at the store near me
Our store ran out of all Christmas biscuit tins 3-4 days before Christmas so good luck finding some.
Tried three local branches today and none in any. Good luck finding some.
None in my store
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