Fox's Family Time 735g Box of Biscuits £1.00 at B&M

Fox's Family Time 735g Box of Biscuits £1.00 at B&M

Found 1st Jun 2015
Plenty in stock and nationwide....

Party Rings, Butter Crinkle Crunch, Nice Biscuit, Shortie, Custard Cream, Bourboun Cream, Shortcake Biscuits, Golden Crunch Cream, Malted Milk, Chocolate Digestive, Digestives
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available in Alloa store so hot!!
Heat added just add a coffee mmmmm
Brilliant price heat added, but...........I have had some of these and felt they were a bit tasteless somehow compared to the individual packets I know you pay more but was a little disappointed I like my calories to go a long way xx heat from me though especially good for the in laws
Brought some at the weekend from Canterbury store. Was happy until I noticed they went out of date at the beginning of May, check date first I say :0)
I bought some too, not very fresh tasting, dated till the end of May.
Jigsawy packages like those make me wet.
I could do the whole box with one cup of tea
I got some from Saltash Cornwall b/m date till end of may. £1.00 kids love them
I got same box from farmfoods for same price dated September 2015
I saw these but were out of date so didnt bother
Saw these too, dated end of may so didn't bother either
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