Fractal X2 GP-14 140mm PC fan - random price drop from £11.49 to £6.78 Prime (Pre-order) / £10.77 Non Prime @ Amazon

Fractal X2 GP-14 140mm PC fan - random price drop from £11.49 to £6.78 Prime (Pre-order) / £10.77 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 24th Feb 2018
TLDR: Reckon this is a random algorithm pricing error/temporary adjustment, these should be a steal at this price, grab 'em while they are hot!

I have the non-X2 versions of these fans that came with my Define S case, and after going through a variety of other fan designs including the likes of Noctua and Corsair (NF-A14 & ML140 I have come to the conclusion that they really have one the best and cleanest sound signatures.

Currently I've been setting up my system in a new case, a Corsair 600q, and switching between a variety of 140 case fans I've accrued over the years. I'm extremely sensitive to noise, especially tones or resonances that stand out. Ideally all you want to be hearing from your system at load is the turbulence sound of air rushing through your system, a balance white or pink noise as it's known. Peaks in frequency usually caused by particular bearing designs or vibrations from imbalances in manufacture can really stand out and grate, "where is that sound coming from?? -_-". The Noctua A14 has some mid tones that occur at around 600 RPM and upwards, a speed I like to have to balance the airflow in my case with my Noctua D15s cooler. The Corsair ML140 magnetic levitation bearing is usually pretty good at higher RPMs, but suffers from odd high resonances at some idle RPMs. I have very little issues with my steadfast Fractal GP-14 fans, they stay very quiet up until 700-800 mark, and no tone problems which are the main thing to avoid.

I decided I just needed another Fractal fan to fully optimise my PC for quietness, so I went and added one to my basket for £11.49 on Amazon, then I was also looking around at other designs and reviews. Went back to my basket and weirdly the price had dropped to £6.78! This is cheaper even than Fractal's R3 fans which are no where near as good. It's as if some algorithm saw that it was in my basket and I was looking at bunch of different similar fans and lowered the price to
entice me or something. Well that worked because I've bought three Might swap all three in if they're without issues, then put the old non-X2 version back in the Define S I'll be selling shortly.
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Damn .. all gone..
Keep trying, I just this second bought 2
Drake192 m ago

Keep trying, I just this second bought 2

Same here
thx OP

preordered 2
For anyone who wants to know these aren't PWM capable.
Link to Fractal's product page

Fantastic deal though and heat added
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Pre-ordered 3 since I'm planning on a new build later this year (I'll put them in my current till then

Cheers OP
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Got one of these to replace the brown fan in my NH-U12S.
so close to pulling trigger at £11 yesterday as well, nice one
I'm guessing these will fit my r5 case?
Great deal. Picked up two, cheers!
Times like these when I wish I hadn't cancelled prime
Ive got 4 of these in my r5 case, nice and silent.
devilsadv0cate7 h, 36 m ago

For anyone who wants to know these aren't PWM capable. Link to Fractal's …For anyone who wants to know these aren't PWM capable. Link to Fractal's product pageFantastic deal though and heat added

Oh yeah that may be a consideration. Shouldn't be an issue providing your motherboard is capable of speed control via voltage, it's usually only the pretty cheap boards that you can't control 3 pins with nowadays. No issues with my Gigabyte X370 K7

These are on preorder at that price from Amazon at the moment, great deal IMO considering comparable fans are upwards of £15, the Noctua NF-A14 for example is up at £20.
Thanks, just ordered 3. Though the delivery date hasn't been given, for that price, it's worth the wait. Heat.
Yep. Joined the queue. Thanks.
Been happily running a couple of Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 140mm fans in my Fractal Design Define R4 case for the past five years. They’ve now been superseded by Silent Wings 3.

Very quiet imo. May replace the remaining two stock Fractal 140mm fans with Silent Wings 3 fans seen as the Silent Wings 2 have performed so well.

Sure, Silent Wings 3 are more expensive than the Fractal X2 GP-14 but a quick comparison...Fractal mention best in class 100,000 hours MTBF. Silent Wings are 300,000 hours MTBF and offer virtually inaudible operation at max. 15.5dB(A). Fractal’s website states these have an 18.9dB(A) acoustical noise level.
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Just got the dispatch notice. Cheer again OP.
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