Fracture for PS3 / Xbox 360 only £5 instore HMV

Fracture for PS3 / Xbox 360 only £5 instore HMV

Found 12th Jan 2010Made hot 18th Jan 2010
Plenty in stock at HMV store in birmingham


only ps3?

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also for xbox 360 aswell for £5!

is it any good?

Metacritic says...meh.


Is it Nationwide?

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The Pavilions and bullring


is it any good?

It's kinda crappy. I really didn't like it. Poor graphics/camera/controls. Plus there's just no atmosphere or anything when playing, just boring, generic.

BUT! Saying that, for this price, it may be worth playing as you may disagree with my opinion. Buy it, try it, don't like it? Sell it, you may even make a profit.

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just played the game for about 10mins...

I thought it was pretty good.
One of the few games I have actually completed lol.

They had loads in the HMV in Brighton yesterday. Was tempted to get one.

Loads on PS3 and 360 at HMV Bromley for £5. £25 at HMV Croydon so could be luck of the draw..

£15 in mine COLD

£5 in the Staines store!


Got in in HMV White Rose Leeds, although it is poo, im a ***** for a cheap game


i played the demo on ps3 and it was rubbish.
but still cheap for a ps3 game

£5 in Maidstone

10£ in HMV Manchester , cold for me hot for those who can get it

£5 @ HMV Hereford.
Loads left!!! :w00t:

Its only in 2 for £30 in Newcastle

25 quid in Glasgow sauchiehall st! :-(

Still priced up at £19.99 in both Liverpool town centre stores and in the 2 for £30 promotion

25p cheaper at Shopto and saves traipsing around trying to find a HMV with it at this price

this has to be the worst game in history...

wouldnt pay £1 for this game

£4.75 at for 360 :…tml

Oooops sorry stewby just read your post pointing it out first lol


this has to be the worst game in history...wouldnt pay £1 for this game

Fair point. When you look at the games you can get for 3 or 4 quid more it doesn't look especially tempting. One for the achievement *****s maybe

Only saw it on Xbox 360 in the Hull Store but there were a few at £5

£5 in cardiff, at least 15 on the shelves. Bargain I thought, any new game for the £5 mark is worth a shout!

Xbox that was, didn't notice ps3, but then I wouldn't look for it either.
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