Fracture PS3 - £17.99 @ ShopTo

Fracture PS3 - £17.99 @ ShopTo

Found 1st Dec 2008
* Reshape the battlefield with terrain shattering weapons: Experience a dynamic battlefield that is unique every time you play. Use never-before-seen weapons to fracture, crater, freeze or elevate the earth.

* Experience a story of betrayal and revenge: Follow the journey of a patriotic Atlantic Alliance soldier when an act of treason launches him into the lethal battlefield of the 22nd century.

* Multiplayer play allows the terrain deforming battles to rage on: Choose the side of the genetically enhanced Pacificans or the cybernetically powerful Atlantic Alliance.

* Fight for the control of familiar locations and landmarks: The last World Wars were fought in Europe, but the next great global war will be fought on American soil. Battle in famous locations across the United States.


Good price but supposed to be a very bad game...

I played the demo and decided i definately would not buy this. Probably appeals to some peopl but didnt seem like there was much too it. All the raising and lowering ground rubbish got annoying after a while.
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