fracture xbox 360 - £10.38 @ Play Asia

fracture xbox 360 - £10.38 @ Play Asia

Found 23rd Dec 2008
dont know what the games like but for this price im going to give it a try

Use weapons to fracture, crater, freeze, or elevate the earth. Raise and lower terrain to provide cover, discover hidden pathways, and mold the war zone to your own advantage
Follow the journey of a patriotic Atlantic Alliance soldier when an act of treason launches him into the battlefield, as forces wage a battle of genetics vs. cybernetics
The last World Wars were fought in Europe, but the next great global war will be fought on American soil
Battle in famous locations across the United States

The world is in chaos. After years of neglecting the environment, nature has fought back with devastating effect. Earthquakes, floods and tornadoes have reduced the United States to a mere shadow of its former self, effectively cutting the East and West coasts off from each other. And with division has come dissent. Thousands died and those that survived were forced to adapt to a new way of life. In the East, the path to survival was paved with technology and cybernetic enhancement. In the West, survival of the fittest took on new meaning with stem cell research and genetic modification. These two ideologies and ways of life lead to a division so great that war is the only course of action.

In Fracture, take on the role of Atlantic Alliance soldier Jet Brody as he goes against the genetically enhanced Pacificans and their fanatical leader General Nathan Sheridan. Unleash the power of terrain-deforming weapons that literally reshape the battlefield before your very eyes, and decimate your enemies with a wide array of weapons with earth-shattering effects.

Reshape the battlefield. Reshape the battle. For the sake of mankind and the future of humanity


Played the demo, didn't enjoy.:whistling:

Bargain at this price, well worth a go! :thumbsup:

cheap price! awful game though!

last time I ordered anything from play asia was in 2003 can someone tell me do they charge debit card in pounds or in dollars as Halifax charge me £1.50 for paying in dollars, thanks

Original Poster

i couldnt tell you dontasciime i always pay with paypal but i know you get charged in dollars

thanks I will not bother then as it take to long to tx money from bank to paypal and not paying with debit if bank gonna charge me £1.50 as it all adds up and I have had 4 purchases in last 4 months charged @1.50 conversion and bank can gft not getting anymore money from me
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