Frag FX v2 PS3 Controller (FragFX) £17.49 @ Zavvi
Frag FX v2 PS3 Controller (FragFX) £17.49  @ Zavvi

Frag FX v2 PS3 Controller (FragFX) £17.49 @ Zavvi

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Further reduction on these.....

RRP: £59.99

The FragFX v.2 features a separate right hand mouse controller and detachable left hand grip controller, ideal for experiencing the traditional PC mouse and keyboard style gameplay of shooter games in a console environment.


•The right hand mouse controller has the complete set of PS3 controller buttons. The mouse is used during game play to shoot, look left, right, up and down for that same PC style game play experience on the PlayStation 3.
•The mouse is optimized for navigation within the recently announced PlayStation Home virtual world.
•A menu mode on the mouse allows it to double as a regular mouse during menu selections. A lap mouse pad and left hand grip cradle is included with the FragFX to allow for comfortable play in a living room setting.
•The left hand re-programmable grip (nicknamed the "FragChuck" by G4TV) has the full range of 6-axis motion control providing Wii-like motion sensitivity for the PlayStation 3. In games like Resistance: Fall of Man, to reload a weapon or to rifle butt an opponent, the user can swing the FragChuck.
•The FragChuck also offers a game speed dial and frag button. When the frag button is pressed it slows the mouse down to incremental movement for smooth sniper shots. The speed dial allows for instant fast or slow overall game play. These two additional features let the user get out of battles as fast as they get into them.

Were on Zavvi a while back for £17.95 but big reduction from £59.99


Hot but been this price since mid December last I checked.
Edited by: "Astec123" 9th Jan 2011

Why cold votes, I was concidering buying this. Voted Hot although similiar prices at preferred suppliers. Has anyone got experieince of using?

I've heard nothing but good comments but to be honest due to the lack of use for it outside of something like Call of Duty I wouldnt waste my money and just invest in an official DS3.

Mine just arrived but had no mouse pad,zavvi claim the package does not include the mouse pad, however the instructions say it's included in the contents, waiting to here back again.
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