Fragile DVD £3.99 @ Amazon & Play

Fragile DVD £3.99 @ Amazon & Play

Found 3rd Jul 2010
Fragile DVD £3.99 @ Amazon & Play

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Calista Flockhart (ALLY MCBEAL) stars as Amy, a nurse who takes a job at the remote Mercy Falls Children's Hospital, which is set to close down. Charged with taking care of the last remaining children, she finds that they have been the victims of a number of attacks and are plagued by something they call the 'mechanical girl', which will stop at nothing to keep them at the hospital. After making friends with a patient called Maggie who claims that she can communicate with the girl, Amy finds out that the mechanical girl, also known as Charlotte, is so-called because of her medical brace and that she lives on the unoccupied second floor of the hospital. Amy knows that if she is to find out whats going at the hospital, she will have to confront Charlotte. Jaume Balaguero (DARKNESS) has created an atmospheric ghost story that makes full use of its setting in a dilapidated hospital on the Isle of Wight. Calista Flockhart is effective in a part far removed from the titular role she played in ALLY MCBEAL and the result is a dark and creepy that will delight fans of atmospheric chillers.

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from the review it seems like a waste of 3.99
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