Franco Zeffirelli's Otello only £1.99 @ + Free Delivery (Giuseppe Verdi )

Franco Zeffirelli's Otello only £1.99 @ + Free Delivery (Giuseppe Verdi )

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Found 23rd Dec 2008
Internationally renowned director Franco Zeffirelli brings Verdi's masterpiece to the screen. Based on Shakespeare's enduring classic, 'Otello' is an epic tragedy of jealousy and betrayal.

When the scheming Iago (Diaz) believes Otello (Domingo) has overlooked him for promotion, he wreaks a subtle and terrible revenge on his master, convincing him that his young wife Desdemona (Katia Ricciarelli) is unfaithful. Otello realises the deception too late, spiralling into madness and murder, before seeking a violent retribution.

Opera superstar Placido Domingo, in one of his most famous and acclaimed roles, leads an outstanding cast in this visually and musically stunning production. Essential viewing for seasoned opera lovers and interested newcomers alike.

Directed by:

Franco Zeffirelli

Placido Domingo
Katia Ricciarelli
Justino Diaz
Petra Malakova
Urbano Barberini

Composer - Giuseppe Verdi
Producer - Menahem Golan
Producer - Yoram Globus

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