Frank Zappa for a fiver from Amazon

Frank Zappa for a fiver from Amazon

Found 19th Mar 2011
Frank Zappa albums for a fiver!


Most of these are only price matching, which is a better place for Quidco users.

Listing them would actually be helpful.

Joe's Garage Act I-III
Hot Rats
One Size Fits All
Overnight Sensation
Bongo Fury
Roxy And Elsewhere
We're Only In It For The Money
The Grand Wazoo
Just Another Band From LA
Mystery Disc also has 'Sheik Yerbouti' and 'Fillmore East' at this price.

Edited by: "ravenheart" 19th Mar 2011

TBH - Willie the Pimp - great, the rest poor.

Hot Rats Is a classic sadly Zappa for reasons unknown decided to remix the LP when he released it on CD.Many People Feel This was a massive mistake to tinker with such a classic album, myself included.
You can still get The Vinyl which saw a 2009 re- release if you look around which is wonderful.…I54 - (Not Here Though)

CD or Lp Versions - Hot Rats has to be one of my top 5 Fave Albums of all time and is timeless. Heat Added For A Fiver This is a steal.

Hot Rats is an excellent album.

I can rememeber a friend singing 'Bobby Brown Goes Down' and asking what the hell it was? Joe's Garage and Shiek Yerbouti are great albums.

Captain Beefheart at his best on vocals on Willie the Pimp.

My 'wished i'd seen him live' act although seen Zappa Plays Zappa couple of times & Dweezil aint far off daddy!

This should have had more heat, Zappa is notoriously expensive until not. Try and but the originals.
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