Frank's RedHot Chilli 'n' Lime Sauce 148ml  - 49p @ B&M

Frank's RedHot Chilli 'n' Lime Sauce 148ml - 49p @ B&M

Found 17th Nov 2015
Best before on mine is 05/01/2016

Frank's RedHot Chilli 'n' Lime hot sauce is a party-hearty surge of flavour. A heat wave of chilli and spice blended with a tangy burst of citrus, it's a match made in hot sauce heaven!

Aged cayenne red peppers (35%), vinegar, water, salt, spices, natural lime flavouring, garlic powder
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ooooh ive gotta check this out. thanks op x
Thanks, well worth keeping an eye out for this Bargain at that price.
Chilli sauce is hot
This stuff is lovely on chips instead of vinegar. Also good for marinating chicken in with a bit of extra lime or lemon juice. Hope they have it for this price in mine!
Asda have this in offer from time to time for £1 down from £1.49. At this price, I'd stock up. Love the stuff, taste amazing and I don't think it's very chilli. I'd say medium. Nice tangy twist to it, not too much, and taste nice. And yes, goes lovely on grilled/ chicken done in the oven on a low heat - if you like soft tender chicken.
Frank's is pretty tame but nice flavour. o also like it on chips
Serving suggestion; try tossing over cooked breaded chicken.
Nice sauce - had it on my chips last night
Had some of this yesterday. Nice sauce but certainly not a hot/chilli sauce in any way.
Love Frank's hot sauce - it' more zingy than hot. If you find the Sood's Louisiana Hot Sauce in B&M it's almost the same as Frank's but you get 500ml for 99p which is amazing. I bought 8 bottles but I'm on my last one and hoarding it like it's the holy grail.
brush onto chicken and bake in the oven... it tastes absolutely great!
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