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Citizen Eco Drive Atomic £249 Delivered Free @ Fraser Hart
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Atomic time keeping. Perpetual calendar. AR Sapphire crystal. 200m water resist. 43mm. 5 years warranty.

The point I was making was that being discontinued would not make it worth less.


Firstly I hope your post gets decent heat, it’s a nice watch and a respectable price for this model. I am a bit of a Citizen collector and have 10 radio controlled models and 5 straight Eco Drives all of which I fortunately bought at good knock down prices. With respect though you can’t refer to this (or any discontinued model) as being more exclusive. The term implies rarity which in this case is only the lack of availability from the retail outlets, not the 1000’s that will have been sold to consumers worldwide in the preceding years before the production end. The same will apply to any one of my watches a couple of which were discontinued limited editions.


Just bought another citizen last week. Like this one, it was out of stock everywhere but then beaverbrooks had one showing in stock for 319. Citizen website and everywhere is showing 499, albeit out s stock. So i agree, bein discontinued kind of makes it even more exclusive. Heat added, good find OP. Love Citizens.


This watch is very high spec with many lower spec Citizens a lot more expensive, The fact that its discontinued just makes it more exclusive. The fact that it was cheaper in December has no relevance to todays prices .


Its relevant because when this became discontinued the average selling price was £160-£180 as all the shops dumped their stock meaning this watch is no longer worth £250 let alone £350. But then it could be argued that an item is worth what your willing to pay so if £250 is a deal to you so be it.

Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph men's blue dial stainless steel bracelet watch £2970 at Fraser Hart with code
1247° Expired
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
Omega Seamaster Diver Chronograph men's blue dial stainless steel bracelet watch £2970 at Fraser Hart with code
Stunning watch at a decent price. Also in black here In 1957, OMEGA created the Seamaster 300 specifically for divers and professionals working underwater. This collection … Read more

A). I know that. But as my watch is more sought after than a modern equivalent "like for like" would mean buying me a modern watch and compensating me for the desirability of my watch compared to the curent model. B). I am not interested in a "likely value", I was interested in making sure my watch was adequately insured. I have no intention of selling it and it is in my will for my son to have.


Professional valuer.


I've bought from their shop in Manchester Traffors Park, no issues in store. However I did order the commanders watch, which was cancelled as none in stock. Again no issues with the customer services then either.


If you have the 41.5mm Chrono from 2008, you have your prices mixed up. The watch was around £2000, maybe a little less back then. You would be lucky to get £2200 for a 2008, maybe between £1800 and £2100 if its in exceptional condition, and a full set.


In Dubai at the moment, thinking about the Omega Seamaster Regatta, I know discontinued, but Rivoli are offering 30% off. They gave an additional 3% but I'm holding out for 35% then 5% back at the airport.

Tissot Visodate Automatic Sapphire  on Mesh Bracelet Men's Watch £315@ Fraser Hart
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Tissot Visodate Automatic Sapphire on Mesh Bracelet Men's Watch £315@ Fraser Hart
This automatic watch by Tissot is a stellar way to tell the day, date and time. It features a steel casing and bezel attached to an intricate steel mesh bracelet. The use of metall… Read more

Vintage strap (highfive)


Use code EXTRA10 for an extra £35 OFF



I have this watch with a leather strap. One of my imprecise watches, actually the most imprecise. All other mechanics are much better. I like the watch itself though. Thicking is quiet loud, which I don’t mind at all, after all it is a watch. The roto is too loud, you can hear it turning. The case is quiet durable, minir scratches only. Transparent back lets you see the movement, that looks great.


Have this watch, picked it up second hand for about £180 with a leather strap so this is a good price with the mesh strap. Lovely watch too, perfect for the office and I’ve knocked the glass a fair few times and it hasn’t even marked it.

Tissot T-Sport V8 Swissmatic Stainless-Steel Brown Leather Men’s Watch £250 @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Tissot T-Sport V8 Swissmatic Stainless-Steel Brown Leather Men’s Watch £250 @ Fraser Hart
The Tissot V8 collection, inspired by the spirit of the 1960s race cars states power and character. Integrating the new Swiss automatic movement Tissot to beauty, the bold tachomet… Read more

Who ever unexpired the deal it has changed , The one left is an ex display model not new stock... Look at the small print .. /// Please note that this is an ex-display model and therefore may show some signs of wear and tear. It also may not come with the original watch box.\\\\\


If not already listed, I think I saw the bracelet version for not much more and that is a great bit of value. Edit, there you go:


No actually, but Tissot make decent quality watches for the price. I prefer Seiko personally.


Trust me, you've get better value from a Kinder Surprise than a Tissot, even an Orient would be better and they are they are at the pinnacle of poor quality


LOL, guess you're an owner of those of these poor quality efforts. If you paid $395 then you've been fleeced even more than I thought, so no wonder you're crying into a tissue.

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TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia, £3,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
304° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia, £3,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
Cheapest I have seen this model, one of the best Tags in my opinion.

Hottest Related Deals: Spare Zip Pullers - 4 Pack £0.39 delivered (lol)


Just bought half a dozen


Too much for a tag, get an omega instead


Cold, you can get it for £5 cheaper if you follow these steps:


Same here but Grandpa was cremated. Sadly watch couldn’t be repaired once recovered from urn

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in Black men's chronograph watch, £7,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in Black men's chronograph watch, £7,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
20% off this gorgeous speedy

Nah, that's more Hublot territory


Oh great, another speedy limited edition, said no one ever. For anyone thinking of buying this, don't. Omega are soft as poo.


I like it


You can ask the speaking clock many, many times to give you the time for £7000. This is ideal for overpaid footballers and the like who want to show how much money they have to waste.


Over priced watches... Hand bags and shoes for men

Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Ceramic Blue Dial (ex-display model), £6,200.00 @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Ceramic Blue Dial (ex-display model), £6,200.00 @ Fraser Hart
Not a Hublot fan but this particular model is beautiful. Hublot's 45mm Classic Fusion chronograph watch features a dark blue dial and matching strap. The contrasting black cerami… Read more

You’re. Not your. (y)


Your right i walk around naked and barefoot, i don't go on holiday i live in the forest of doom and tell the time from the sun's position. Peace out power. Live the the dream....


You can’t get a new Rolex Submariner for that price. It’s not fair to compare new prices to used ones. If someone wants to buy a watch, it’s not all about resale. Some people buy a piece simply because they like it. Aesthetics, functionality and desire all play a part. Resale is not the main concern of a true watch enthusiast. (y)


Don't buy this at this price. The only Hublot worth buying are the ones with their own movements and they will set you back £15-25k. At this price range purchase a Rolex submariner or GMT2 (if you can find one) and watch (no pun intended) it rise in value :)

bigblackdog sorry,this iis same model, they look alike,but have slight differences?

Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase watch £8820 @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase watch £8820 @ Fraser Hart
Very good price £4080 off RRP with the 10% extra off! cheapest around. CODE: EXTRA10 This Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase Aeromoon men’s skeleton dial watch is the perf… Read more
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Most Rich people like to wear what other rich people wear. Hublots are generally butt ugly though..


Yes I don’t like too much discount on luxury watches ;)


In that case I better not mention the 20% Unidays code then :|


Just ordered two of them. Barging price (y)


One of the most FUGLY watches I've ever seen. The rich certainly have different taste to me. Perhaps that's why I'm not rich financially.

21° Expired
Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
This is £3720 everywhere else if you can get your hands on it. Cased in stainless steel and with a polished white ceramic dial, the "Commander's Watch" features facetted blued sk… Read more
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Yep, the one store and it’s been at the same location since Noah started collecting wood. I first visited the store 35 years ago.


I I wouldn't wear the gold either, however it would be a good collectors piece. I'm not a Rolex wearer, I have a Gold Daytona. Again I wouldn't wear it, not to my taste. Each to their own, as they say.


I've bought a couple of watches from there, and have has some good deals from them too. I think they only have a store in Aberdeen, I'll be dropping in there next month when I'm back up there. They still have this in stock too.


Each to their own. I don't like the colour gold, but personally wouldn't waste my money on any precious metalled watch because it's the look then the movement I am interested in. I would rather wear a white gold or platinum watch that looked like stainless steel, but that's just me. In fact if you look at the Rolex Day-Date it is only made in gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. I would never have the gold coloured ones. Anyone that owns one of these watches would know that the silver coloured watch was either white gold or platinum. If money was no object, I would definitely have a platinum day-date if I had to have one. Unlike your mate I would like the idea that even those in the know would still not be able to tell if I had the platinum or white gold version although I suspect that looking at one closely after a few years it would bee easy to spot the difference by looking at the bracelet wear Your mate misses the point on the Daytona. It's the steel one that is rare and sought after.


I'm not sure about the memorabilia, but I'd like the gold version myself. I've no idea why anyone would buy the white gold, as it just looks like the Stainless Steel. A friend bought a white gold Rolex Daytona, and was not happy that everyone thought it was the bog standard Daytona

Citizen PROMASTER NAVIHAWK A-T men's watch, £319.20 at Fraser hart
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Citizen PROMASTER NAVIHAWK A-T men's watch, £319.20 at Fraser hart
With code. Alarm, Bezel Slide Rule, Chronograph, Countdown Timer, Digital Display, Perpetual Calendar, Power Reserve, Radio-controlled Atomic Clock, UTC Display, World Timer

i just checked back and i paid £289 in July when it was on offer at Amazon


Need to go to Specsavers eyes are bleeding on this pup... (nerd)


Great watch own one myself, not for everything. It has been cheaper in the past though, I brought it for around this price last year, but for a small time it went on sale for around £250


All that detail and they appear to have neglected to put hours minutes and seconds on any of the dials. XD


I own this watch and several other variants of the same watch. It’s one of my favourite styles which is why i keep buying more models. This one is my favourite however. The wristband and watch look fantastic. I think I paid a bit less but I’d need to check back. I’d recommend it but I do agree it’s a very busy looking watch.

Tissot T-Race Touch - Fraser Hart £240 with code
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Tissot T-Race Touch - Fraser Hart £240 with code
A fairly nice watch from a good brand, I have two Tissots (a T-Touch Classic and a PRS-200) and I love them. blurb below: The Tissot T-Race Touch is the ultimate sports companion.… Read more

These are great watches. Last a lifetime. I have a T-Sport. Battery lasts for years too.


Cheers, I don't view these as 'touch screen watches' just a watch with a different way of controlling the functions. I think this is quite a smart looking watch, but I've got no space for it in my life as my black PRS-200 is my daily driver, and my leather strapped Touch Classic is my 'smart' watch.


Nice watch, i have the t touch expert. However, for a touch screen watch it's very limited and I'd be tempted to go down the smart watch route. If you like use the functions it will drain the battery and unless you are prepared to fit it yourself will cost you a small fortune to replace. Have some heat.... Even after my counter comments, I'd have bought this. :D

Tissot T Race Chronograph £292 @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Tissot T Race Chronograph £292 @ Fraser Hart
Seems a great reduction. Styling might not be to everyone’s taste but I like it and Tissot isn’t a bad make. Plus you can get a further saving with cash back through Quidco.

To my mind the T-Race Touch is better value at £240, I've just posted the deal as well (y)

Citizen Eco-Drive men's chronograph titanium watch, £191.20 at Fraser Hart
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Citizen Eco-Drive men's chronograph titanium watch, £191.20 at Fraser Hart
Apply code for discount. Eco drive technology *never needs a battery* Titanium case Brown leather strap Perpetual calendar 1/20 Second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes 12/24 h… Read more
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph at FraserHart for £2,280!!!
736° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph at FraserHart for £2,280!!!
This already has £500 off, but using the Black Friday code EXTRA20 takes a further 20% off making it £2,280. This is very cheap for a Tag Chronograph...cheaper than a previous d… Read more

I got a fossil defender it’s a Hamilton W10 homage looks fab cost £12 on eBay put a quality leather strap on it very pleased


Most jewellery shops sell pre owned watches. Also check just make sure the watch has been serviced regularly (every 5-10 years) and has paperwork. Pre-owned Rolex submariners are a good shout!


Where would anyone suggest to look at quality used watches that hold value.. I'm skeptical with ebay of course as lots of fakes etc.. Any gueinune dealers that do this?


Your boy can also Inherit a AliExpress watch, ever thought of that? (y)


has this deal gone ?

Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Stainless-Steel And Black Dial Men's Watch £160 Fraser Hart
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Stainless-Steel And Black Dial Men's Watch £160 Fraser Hart
For an elegant and style accent, this Tissot has sports-inspired design. Fastened with a stainless-steel bracelet and a 45mm stainless-steel case, the Chrono XL brings a Scratch-re… Read more

sold out


This Watch has been discontinued


FH web page..."The watch has been discontinued"...


"eye-catching Arabic numerals" Oooh look at him! He has numbers on the face of his watch! (shock) :{


Love them.

Swiss madeTissot T Sport Automatic  £202.50 Free Delivery @ Fraser Hart
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Posted 28th Oct 2018Posted 28th Oct 2018
Swiss madeTissot T Sport Automatic £202.50 Free Delivery @ Fraser Hart
Power reserve 72 hours Sapphire crystal Water res 100m See through case back 44mm Warranty 2 years

I second the hamilton khaki field, I have the 38mm in silver from francis and gaye, way pricier but the silver dial is amazing


Goldsmiths have been out of stock on that watch forever! Nice of Amazon to make available. One of my favourite watches in my little collection


Dam n missed that one, but wish they put a nicer face on like some auto khakis. Even just some texture.


I can't understand why people are saying a nice looking watch, it is pure plain faced to me and not got the looks of a £200+ watch.


That is still a swatch for 110£... would go for tissot.

TAG Heuer mens Connected Mechanical Module Watch - £1,100 @ Fraser Hart
-117° Expired
Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018
TAG Heuer mens Connected Mechanical Module Watch - £1,100 @ Fraser Hart
Best price around.

People see Tag and vote cold. People see Apple and vote cold. 99% of hukd users don't have the intelligence to be able to understand that it's a 'deals' website. If this watch is not availble new, from a reputable seller anywhere else for a lower price, then how is it not a good deal for the watch? The I can get a watch for 5 quid posters only post because they have nothing better to do then watch Jeremy Kyle and grow weed in the spare room. Although most tag movements are lesser then it's closer counterparts you still have to understand you are paying for a watch that has been made to a far superior standard and with far superior materials.


Don’t forget to pick up some black lugs to go with it - only £850!! wtf?


I’ve voted this hot. Luxury watches in general aren’t well received on here though; prepare for the many “I can get one of these for £10 comments” 🙈


(pirate) Knock off Nigel ;)


I got one of these in Tenerife last month for a fiver 8)

Black Thomas Sabo bracelet half price at Fraser Hart for £15
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Posted 11th Sep 2016Posted 11th Sep 2016
Black Thomas Sabo bracelet half price at Fraser Hart for £15
Thomas Savbo black bracelet reduced from 29.95 to 15.00, in small and medium.
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'Search results for 'Thomas Savbo black bracelet' Sorry we cannot seem to find what you are looking for. Try searching again or alternatively you may be interested in:'


Page not found-when searched it doesn't come up at all. Must have been a error as theres only £29.95 ones now


Love this black bracelet, looks beautiful. But I want the Medium size. Seems Oos now.:(


Medium Oos


Thanks got another Christmas present