Frasier - Series 1-11 - Complete DVD Boxset £75.93 delivered @ The Hut

Frasier - Series 1-11 - Complete DVD Boxset £75.93 delivered @ The Hut

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Frasier: The Complete First Season: Making the move from Boston to his former hometown of Seattle, a newly divorced Dr. Frasier Crane finds himself on the radio airwaves as the host of his own call-in advice show. When he's not dealing with the problems of his troubled listeners, he's embroiled in skirmishes at home involving Marty, his retired police detective father; Daphne, his father's physical therapist; his younger brother (and rival) Niles; and Eddie...his father's devious dog!

Frasier: The Complete Second Season: Frasier Crane infuriates the entire city of Seattle when he complains about its rainy climate during his radio talk show. Meanwhile, his father Martin finds his favorite bar is slated for the wrecker's ball - and could it be that Frasier and Niles are behind its demise? Roz considers a new job offer... Daphne finds her privacy invaded... and Frasier's romantic island getaway with a new girlfriend is ruined when his ex-wife is discovered in an adjacent cottage!

Frasier: The Complete Third Season: Frasier has encounters with both a woman from his past - Diane Chambers - and one in the future, in the form of new radio station manager Kate Costas. Niles is kicked out of the house by wife Maris; Martin is exposed as a budding songwriter for Frank Sinatra and both Daphne and Roz attract some not-so-secret secret admirers!

Frasier: The Complete Fourth Season: Cupid's arrows fly in all directions in Season 4 as romantic entanglements include Niles and Daphne as well as Martin and Sherry. Frasier's scorecard is even more impressive: Frasier and a blind date arranged by Roz ; Frasier and a "mystery woman" who accidentally called his answering machine; and Frasier and...KACL co-worker Gil Chesterton! (Well, via an unexpected dream.) And to top the whole season off, Eddie is treated by a psychiatrist for doggie depression.

Frasier: The Complete Fifth Season: Sibling rivalry between Frasier and Niles leads to some riotous cases of one-upsmanship in Season Five. Which of the two will find out the winner as they vie for the same attractive woman?

Frasier: The Complete Sixth Season: What?! Frasier Crane, unemployed? Yep, that's the stunning predicament in Season Six when KACL switches its format to "salsa" and Frasier finds himself out of a job! Meanwhile, Niles finds himself without a secret love to obsess when Daphne is swept off her feet by a new suitor, Donny Douglas.

Frasier: The Complete Seventh Season: In this collection, the laughs can only shift into high gear when a heavily medicated Frasier inadvertently spills the beans to Daphne about Niles and his powerful infatuation for her - just as she is preparing for her wedding to Donny Douglas!

Frasier: The Complete Eighth Season: wedding bells chime a sour note when Daphne flees her marriage ceremony to run off with Niles, and the two lovebirds - as well as a hapless Frasier - ultimately find themselves embroiled in a lawsuit as a result of the marital mayhem!

Frasier: The Complete Ninth Season: Celebrate Frasier's 100th episode in Season Nine, which has Frasier Crane (Grammer) commemorating his 2,000th radio show on KACL in Seattle. But where, oh where is that one missing tape that would make Frasier's collection of radio programs complete?

Frasier: The Complete Tenth Season: In Season Ten, Frasier's confrontation with an annoying stock market analyst at KACL results in the entire staff having to attend a sexual harassment seminar.

Frasier: The Complete Final Season: The entire cast says "Goodbye, Seattle" in a memorable, two-part finale. You won't want to miss a minute of this acclaimed comedy's final season in this entertaining, laugh-provoking DVD collection.

8 Comments this definitely the best price around? 3% cashback too...

it has taken a whopping 6 years for these to all finally come out on dvd. i bought them as they came out from between 8.99 -19.99 in total probably cost me 130 quid. so this is excellent value to get them all in one nice box. wish they would get cheers released still only got the first 6 seasons. heat and rep added

Keep meaning to get this. Was it cheaper than this last time from Amazon though? Seems hot to me:thumbsup:

Great price, I, like booshambles bought them all on release - and quite a few from the states. I'd be surprised it it cost me

This has just been released as a new boxset. Is this the new one or the old one?

I suspect this will go to £50-60 sooner or later.

any special features?

special features will probably be lifted from the first 3 seasons. they are just a few shorts on how the series came about, no outtakes or anything like that they gave up doing extras by series 4. i think there might be a little documentry on the last season talking about the last episode but probably not. infact they gave up on extras as soon as cbs bought paramount

Would make a nice present for any Fraiser fans, nice find, hot from me :thumbsup:
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