Fratellis Tickets @ Brixton MONDAY, 05/03/2007 - New Date

Fratellis Tickets @ Brixton MONDAY, 05/03/2007 - New Date

Found 8th Dec 2006
These guys are on their sold out tour of the UK.

Tickets going on eBay for £70 a pair at the moment so might as well grab them from the promoter directly while they are available!


what a con on booking fees.
if you buy 1 ticket face value: £17.50

You have requested 1 standing ticket(s) at £20.25 each (including booking fee of £2.75 per ticket).
There is a transaction fee of £4.80 for this order

The total amount charged will be £25.05

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No defending the company but the only money they make is from the booking fees, and the do send the tickets that are non replaceable by special delivery so that is £4.10.

Shock horror! See Tickets ripping off punters with excessive "admin" fees. In the old days it was easy to get tickets through the box office directly without incurring reidiculous fees but it seems those days are long gone and tickets are distributed by companies like See and Ticketmaster who have virtual monopolies and can charge whatever fees they like. RANT RANT!

Sorry, this is just a tocuhy subject for me. Don't get me started on the ebay ticket touts.

Good band though. Looking forward to seeing them supporting Kasabian in a weeks time.

:whistling: - whistling for the choir ;-)
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