Frazzles 8 bag multi-pack £1 @ Morrisons.

Frazzles 8 bag multi-pack £1 @ Morrisons.

Found 18th Feb 2011Made hot 18th Feb 2011
Crispy bacon flavoured Frazzles corn snacks, 8 packs for £1 at Morrisons.


Heartburn hell.

99p in B&M's. They got drumsticks there too.

Ah Frazzles - the crisp that keeps on giving!

Love these to bits - bargain!

Frazzles are lovely, they even maintain there bacon taste when regurgitated! In fact that episode of vomiting over christmas as put me off for life! Voting cold

If only they were 10p a pack..

Frazzles sandwich - NOM!

whats with all the comments from stewie griffin?

i love these but agree with previous comments you taste them for hours and hours after the pack is empty

is that how you spell stewie? doesnt look right...

I remember the good ol' days where these were 24p in Tesco, and that wasn't even considered an offer!

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99p in B&M's. They got drumsticks there too.

I saw the Frazzles in B&M's today, yes 99p for 5 packs + 2 free = 7 packs.

Morrison's are 8 packs.

Yip, makes you wonder what is in them doesn't it. When my oh gets home from work, I can tell if he has eaten these hours earlier, that can't be good!!
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