Frazzles, Chipsticks & Wheat Chrunchies 9 packs for £1 (6+50%free) @ Farmfoods
Frazzles, Chipsticks & Wheat Chrunchies 9 packs for £1 (6+50%free) @ Farmfoods

Frazzles, Chipsticks & Wheat Chrunchies 9 packs for £1 (6+50%free) @ Farmfoods

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Multipacks 6+50% free = 9 for £1

Frazzles (bacon)
Chipsticks(salt & vinegar)
Wheat Chrunchies (tomato,bacon & woucester sauce)


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Chipsticks and Frazzles are at the business end of the crisps market :thumbsup:


Farmfoods "The Frozen Food Specialist" lol. I had to laugh at that. I don't have one near me which is a shame. I love the Worcester Sauce Wheat Crunchies.

all the same price in poundland if anybody lives closer to one

cheap... tacky ... no thanks

cool good deal hot

After You Eat Frazzles
You Can't Get The Taste Out Of Your Mouth For Days!
Even After Multipule Brushing Sessions

lol ahhacake!

i love frmfoods they are the best but not got one round ere:(

I seem to remember that Discos & Skips are also included :thinking:

Sweet just realised there's one up the road from me in Pompey am definately goin to stock up


Chipsticks are lovely. Melt in your mouth. Heat and rep.

same price at poundland, at least for the chipsticks

same deal in nettos for 99p if you dont have a farm foods close

Looks like they have tried a little too hard to optimise their website for the term 'frozen food', which unfortunately makes it look a little silly for human readers :

"Farmfoods are frozen food specialists. Our roots are embedded in the distribution and handling of frozen food. We firmly believe in the benefits of frozen food and take great care to bring it to you in the best possible condition. In short, we take frozen food very seriously.

Today you'll find your local Farmfoods selling a wide range of frozen food of the best quality at prices you'll find nowhere else!"
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