Fred Dibnahs Building Collection DVDx3 1 per customer, £6.98 delivered @ ClassicMovieStore

Fred Dibnahs Building Collection DVDx3 1 per customer, £6.98 delivered @ ClassicMovieStore

Found 16th Dec 2014
£39.99 £3.99
Save: 90% off. Loss Leader, 1 per customer
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Fred Dibnah takes a look at how different types of buildings were constructed over periods of time..let's face it, Fred was the elite 'Steeplejack' of his time and so he would know a bit or two about how things were built...Fred goes about it the same 'down to earth' way that he does with his other loves in Steam and Railways and once again makes a great and interesting documentary,


If my son is looking at this. I do not want it!

you need to include pnp if spend below £15

Damn - 1 per customer - that is so unfair.....I could have ruined so many peoples Christmas by giving this.

Remember Grot-Shop? I think this was one of their best sellers.

He was an under valued and brilliant, Mechanical Engineer, Joiner, Builder, and Steam Engineer, and almost entirely self taught.
Such an endearing character who always insisted on pronouncing the "W" in "whole" ... priceless bless him!
Who 'abitates in a 'ouse like this? as Kieth Lemon would say...... answer, Fred's Mum!
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On a day out in his traction engine he would drink 16 pints Guinness or more and rarely bought any of them! Short arms deep pockets, was he a HDUK member?
He never got breathalysed either.

Who is Fred Bibnah? Some kind of low rent impersonator?
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Got one - thanks.

Just missed a bl**** Flamedeer as well. Hamrrumpph.


Whos is Fred Bibnah?

What does 'whos' mean?

Sorry, typing too quickly. I admire your pedantry. Let me edit my post so as not to irritate you any further.
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What does 'whos' mean?

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