FREE 1 month of SKY Movies/Sports for Telewest customers!
FREE 1 month of SKY Movies/Sports for Telewest customers!

FREE 1 month of SKY Movies/Sports for Telewest customers!

I thought i'd just remind people of how to get a months free trial of either Sky Movies or SKY Sports so all you "r-pointers" can have a nice Chrithmas by either watching films or have a bad time wathcing england lose the ashes.

All you have to do is phone up Telewest or call 150 if you have their phone package and show interest in either Sky Movies or Sky Sports. Then ask if they can give you a trial month as you unsure whther it is a good channel, and Santa's your uncle you will have either one for free for a month. And the best thing is Sky have been saving up alot of good films for Chrithmas so this is the best time to do this (and im so clever i posted this now instead of 5 says before therwise you woudn't be able to watch all those new films over the new year)

Things to Remember:
This does not require you to threaten to cancel - I just said asked if I can have a months free trial becuase im thinking of subscribing and they will give you the channel of you choice.
Your only allowed 1 channel out of the SKY movies or SKY sports NOT the whole thing e.g. If you want a movies channel you can only have a Sky Movies 1, not 2 or 3 and vice versa.
This hopefully can also work for NTL and SKY customers.

Merry Christhmas Everyone!

Just rang them and no joy for me.
- worlock666


Nice tip!

A little annoying that you spell Christmas, "Christhmas", or "Chrithmas" but that's just me being picky!!


I was told that it isn't NTL Telewest's policy to give this unless there is a promotion out, and was hinted that if I wasn't in my 12 month period I might be able to convience them if it was felt I was moving to SKY. :-(

DIDNT WORK nice idea though lol


Doesn't work.

same doesnt work and i tried twice lol
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