Free 1 Month Racing Simulation @ iRacing
Free 1 Month Racing Simulation @ iRacing

Free 1 Month Racing Simulation @ iRacing

Bought a Logitech DFGT or G27 wheel for Gran Turismo 5?
Looking for some more realistic racing?
Got a PC?

Give iRacing a go for a month for free. I've found I've been playing GT5 very little since joining iRacing. The range of cars is limited, as are the tracks compared to GT5, but the realism and physics are amazing.

There was an article recently in Top Gear magazine where they put one of the iRacing pros into a real race car to see how he would go.

He did amazingly well... except for throwing up because he wasn't used to the G forces.


(I've put the price as £1 because some people are saying that if you join using Paypal rather than a credit card, Paypal will charge you a nominal fee if your account isn't in credit.)


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Link works for me?

Hot. The best racing sim of all time, and I have played most of them. If you are thinking of joining long term they sometimes have some better offers for 3 months with some extra content though.

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Here are the two best long term deals, just enter the promo code:

One year with the Williams FW31, Silverstone, and Zandvoort. - $75 : PR-GP
Regular retail price: $140.85
Discount: $65.85 (45 %)

3 months for 12 $US : PR-2FREE or PR-GA12
Regular retail price: $30
Discount: $18 (60 %)

I tried it for a month, then resubscribed for a year using the first deal

The only problem is that they use your real name as your UserID, so when I resubscribed they added a '2' after my name...

in for the record

Wow. Pay monthly.

I am out of here.

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It's not for everyone, but the point is that you can try it free for a month to see if it suits you.

I spent £40 on GT5 and have played it in total for around 6hrs. iRacing costs me under £5 a month and I play on average about an hour a day- I feel I get my money's worth.

Looks good but a bit reluctant to give them my CC details as I'll probably forget to unsubscribe...

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Use Paypal, there is no recurring charge and they won't get your card details.

Some specs would be nice.
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