Free 1 month trial - NOW TV Sky Movies

Free 1 month trial - NOW TV Sky Movies

Found 29th Dec 2015
Watch the latest movies you missed at the cinema without a contract.

Enjoy up to 16 new premieres every month and over 1000 movies available on demand.

Start your 30 day free trial of Sky Movies


Lego Movie, Noah and Muppets Most Wanted just added...
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Not quite sure why this has gone cold?
Probably because it's been posted many times before. now tv is always having 1 month free trial offers or similar via quidco or Topcashback.
you have to give payment details.
I would give it a try if you didn't have to do this.
Think list of films made me laugh. Should be OK to find 2 films you can watch over the month.don't forget to cancel on line.
This has always been offered, so that could explain why it's cold.
Free for an entire month? COLD
Read the reviews for this on trustpilot. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.…com
Now Tv always have a free trial offer usually for Movies and occasionally for the Entertainment.

Things to rember about Now TV trials:

If you don't cancel before payment is due (usually 7 days before payment date) you will be charged

**Best way round forgetfulness or to get multiple trials is to use a pre-paid debit card;

Skrill do a physical Mastercard (just sign up for an account and apply for a card)
Neteller do up to 5 free virtual cards (or a physical card for around £9)
FFrees also has a physical pre-paid card or there are various other places that offer pre-paid cards (do your research first!) etc etc.

You will need to have a balance of at least 20p (Now TV do a 20p authorization transaction to verify the card details are legit)
The card you use must not have been used for a Now TV trial before (or as a payment method on a Now TV account)
Sign up to your trial use your pre-paid card for verification and if you forget to cancel in time you wont lose any money as long as you don't have any funds loaded onto the card and the trial will automatically be cancelled.

you have to give payment details.I would give it a try if you didn't have … you have to give payment details.I would give it a try if you didn't have to do this.

if you cancel the movies once you have set it all up you get the free offer then they send you an email to confirm disconnection of movies and offer movies for 5.95 as long as you remember to cancel on line you will not be charged
ok, may try. thanks
NOWTV = Bandits. So many examples of free passes not being honoured.
Had it, picture quality poor and kept buffering, I have a slow internet connection but Netflix is far better quality picture and the connection was good even in HD
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