Free 1 Week Trial to a Personal Digital Trainer – Kiqplan (normally £19.99)
Free 1 Week Trial to a Personal Digital Trainer – Kiqplan (normally £19.99)

Free 1 Week Trial to a Personal Digital Trainer – Kiqplan (normally £19.99)

Thought this might help a lot of you that own a Fitness tracker or smart device as it's that time of the year where we are all looking to shed some weight.

Kiqplan (a personal digital coach app) available for Android and Apple is offering a free 1 week trial for three out of the four plans they currently provide. The free 1 week trial is for the following plans:

- Slim and Trim – FREE 1 WEEK
- Healthy Baby Bump – FREE 1 WEEK
- Goodbye Baby Bump – FREE 1 WEEK
- Beer Belly Blaster – THIS IS NOT ON TRIAL

To give you some background information about the app - The makers of it are FITBUG, which most of you will know of given their hot selling budget hardware Tracker- FITBUG ORB. The app works with multi-vendor fitness trackers (FitBit, Jawbone, Fitbug, Nike Fuel etc.) and designs a 12 week training plan specific to your lifestyle to achieve a weight loss goal.

Instead of passively collecting ‘step-counting’ data and giving you a number to be proud of, the app takes that data and devises a work-out routine to achieve real targets by requiring you to mimic exercise videos to follow at set intervals throughout the day (any place, anytime, anywhere). It also sends you regular alerts about your water intake, gives you nutritional information about your food intake and what you SHOULD be increasing and decreasing, offers healthy recipes, relaxation tips and lots more.

The reason why I know about it, is because I am using the Beer Belly Blaster plan and find it to be amazing.

The following is a list of feature Kiqplan offers (copied from Google):

• Personal activity, nutrition and sleep targets, set weekly based on the chosen plan and adapted to their own rate of progress.

• Weekly personalized work outs featuring "how-to" video instruction to ensure exercises are completed with accurate form to maximize results.

• Over 350 videos filmed by 12 fitness experts

• Dynamic activity and nutrition tracking with users able to import data from other apps or devices or log their own behavior.

• Lifestyle tracking (e.g. sleep quality, weight, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, etc).

• Weekly articles and recipes focused on the required outcome.

• Rewards and badges for added encouragement.

• Daily plan based tips.

• Feedback and reminders via in-app messaging and push notifications.

• Webinars on a range of outcome related topics, with Q&As with experts.

Now here is the exciting part about the upcoming features they announced at CES 2015 the other (again copied from Google)

- Kiqplan is partnered with Samsung and will introduce an exclusive app for all Sammy mobiles later this year

- Kiqplan is about to be partnered with Cancer Research UK and will offer a plan for Cancer patients

- I believe more and more plans will be developed to cater all types of training goals

- Speak and Eat technology feature 1 – Speak to your app and tell it what you are eating instead of typing it in and it will search its database of half a million foods and log it

- Speak and Eat technology feature 2 – The app will integrate with other Samsung smart devices such as Refrigerators, Jars, Cupboards e.g. when you open the fridge, the app will alert you to grab something healthy. When you open the cookie jar, it will alert you with “do you really want that cookie”

I believe the app will integrate with Samsung Smart TVs and other home integrated technologies and will be a HUGE game changer for health conscious people.

The app is normally priced at £19.99 but this 1 week free trial gives you a fully functioning version at no cost.

You can YouTube videos of Kiqplan reviews, example exercise videos and all sorts of stuff

Thanks and hope it helps.


thx for shating


Thanks. It's a fantastic product. Well recommended.

Thanks for the link

Wife using the slim and trim Kiqplan. She's lost 5lbs so far. She's using it with the fitbug orb, but I think you can use it with any tracking device.. I'm waiting to have a go when she's done!

This is the way forward!!! No more expensive personal trainers! All you need right here for £20, I warn you though it's quite addictive especially when you start seeing results

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I am glad it is working for you mates. It's about time some people were made aware of what a great product this is. With a 1 week free trial, most skeptics can partake a kiqplan regime and see how to leverage the fitness tracker they received over Chrimbo.

I signed up to HUKD today to find a fitness tracker and stumbled upon this. I will check this out and try the 1 week slim and trim plan. Thank you!

I have been using the Belly Buster App along with Fitbug Orb. They were both a gifts for Christmas. To be honest I was highly sceptical at first! However, after the first weigh in after starting using the app a week ago and I have lost 4llbs. The App makes you competitive and keeps you on track. im totally won over and can't wait to see the results after 12 weeks.

Never used anything like this before.
Was given Belly Buster [as a hint]--working well.
Good product

App of 2015 for people who want to catch the fitness bug and trainers alike.

Excellent motivational app i've paired with my Fitbug Orb. Its kept me on track and helped me loose those dreaded Christmas calories

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The exciting part is when the app is integrated with your kitchen devices - refrigerator, cookie jar, kitchen cupboards etc, I can see the Sammy TVs and other smart devices coming into play too. I genuinely feel this is the first app that will offer you motivation to get busy without going to the Gym. It's actually bringing the Gym and motivation to you anywhere, any place, any time.
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Belly blaster is for me pity i had to pay but its doing the trick 5 star Badger692

Tryed this and it's absolutely amazing, lost 4 pound in the first week. I,m using it with my fit ug orb. Best Christmas presents ever. Cant wait to see results after 12 weeks.
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