Free £10 bet with Mirror Bingo, no deposit required!

Free £10 bet with Mirror Bingo, no deposit required!

Found 10th Jul 2007
You get 10 pounds to spend on their online site, no need to deposit any money, but you do need to provide you credit/debit card details.

Minimum pay out is 30 pounds I think.
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Posted once already today... sorry! :whistling:
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Sorry, where?
Im sure i saw one this morning but cant find it now..
anyone got a promo code?
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Im sure i saw one this morning but cant find it now..

Yeah, that was me, I was told I had to move it to this section.


anyone got a promo code?

No, no codes atm, that I know of anyway. But you do get a chance to enter some later on.
thought i was going mad! lol

anyone got a promo code?

I think JACKPOT works
Done this last week and walked away with £30.06!

Could have played more but it was 2 a.m. Hardly anyone playing at that time, so chances to win were very good if you bought the maximum tickets.

Best game to play was the 50p one with 3 chances to least that's what worked for me.
nope jackpot didnt work for me.

nope jackpot didnt work for me.

It must have expired since I last used it
[SIZE=2]Thanks for this :thumbsup: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]even though i hate bingo its ok for free try , same person once twice one after another i cant seem to win once :x [/SIZE]
i saw a code to use on another site. It was VOUCHER. It is supposed to give you £10 credit but havent signed up as of yet to try it

Posted once already today... sorry! :whistling:

We requested a repost in Hot Deals forum

Thanks kirill :thumbsup:
how do you play, what do i do? :w00t:
If the minimum to withdraw is £30 can I not sign up, deposit £20, withdraw the £30, hey presto free tenner? Anybody know If that'll work?

If the minimum to withdraw is £30 can I not sign up, deposit £20, w … If the minimum to withdraw is £30 can I not sign up, deposit £20, withdraw the £30, hey presto free tenner? Anybody know If that'll work?

Played it last week after a tip on a football forum and had £45 in account - it would NOT let me withdraw any of the free £10 so I withdrew £38 and played the rest.
is it better to buy more tickets at the same time?
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I think so, because the last time i won £40 buying the max amount of tivkets with another bingo offer
Played with 10 £1 cards & lost.

Thanks for the chance though.
Many thanks to the original poster....just walked away with £69.56 with no outlay!!
Much appreciated :thumbsup:
how do you enter a promo code as the 5 pound is always highlighted when you type in voucher
when i try to sign up it says my card cant be validated. has anyone else had this?
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No, mine was accepted fine, glad people are winning!
Cheers for the pointer just banked £30 and still playing with £15 balance :-D
The terms say you need to deposit money before they cash out the £30? Has anyone got their £30+ without putting their own money in first? (I have just sent £31 to be withdrawn - Thanx for the tip!)
whey hey !
won £40 today.
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and this deal is only 30 degress ))
Many thanks to OP. Signed up, played a £1 "rags to riches" game first to get used to it (not done online bingo before) realised you didn't even have to track what was going on as you auto-win really, so bought 4 cards on the next game and won the jackpot! a nice £39. Thanks you very much!

Gonna work out how to withdraw and then play the rest of the free money.

Muchos rep to the OP.
Ah - that explains it. Lol. Thanks! Thought I had de-ja-vu...
WON nada... oh well... thanks anyway... stinking luck...
Registered, played 6 card in one game, won £38.

Withdrew it straight away.

TY original poster - £38 for nothing - happy man :thumbsup:
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I just won 20 quid myself lol

Got 24 cards, 90 ball game.
just had a go, tried 3 x 50p cards and then didnt notice but spent the rest on another game. Didnt win anything, was 2 numbers away from winning £20 though.

Ah well, didn't cost me anything so will be adding heat to the OP for if anything giving me something to while away a quick 5 minutes of fun
Anyone having trouble registering?
Just got the tenner and played a 25p game... Any tips? I havent got a clue about Bingo, but would love to walk away with some prize money like those before me.

nevermind,...blew it all on the £1 game :P only 1 to go as well to the jackpot!
Cheers OP, bit gutted though as I got a full house but it only took my balance upto £18 so couldn't withdraw it, I then lost a few quid in the 10p room and then went for the rest by buying 22 50p tickets but won nowt.

Oh well, not cost me anything.
I've just spent my free £10 on about 30 different tickets and not won a sausage. Good fun tho'. Just had hubby tell me "please don't start online gambling"!! :giggle:
That's how these gambling sites make money... they offer tempting incentives to join (free cash, or bet matching). Some walk away with winnings having not deposited a penny of their own money, but a lot get hooked and that's when the trouble starts.

So guys, play it cool and be safe. That was the first time i've ever gambled (no joke) just for the free tenner. Thankfully im strong enough to stop when I should (before i start betting my life away), but some are not as strong - so stop after the free tenner!
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