FREE 10 Custom Christmas Cards at

FREE 10 Custom Christmas Cards at

Found 22nd Oct 2006
10 free custom cards and envelopes all you have to pay is P&P which is £3 odd...i think its a good deal for cards that are personalised with your name!
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Is it just me, but I don't see how these are free?
Try saying "Free 10 Custom Christmas cards" 3 times really quickly...
wheres the free cards?

Is it just me, but I don't see how these are free?

I think the title should be "10 custom christmas cards for £3odd at" (preferably telling us the exact amount). I hate "free but pay more than the actual cost of postage".

Don't really see the point if they only print your name and not a photo or something - wouldn't you want to sign your name on cards you're sending? Also I can't find it on the site either, just starting from £6.99 (plus the £3odd postage I guess).
There are some free postage codes doing the rounds; one shot things. Only for those on the email list thought, worth adding yourself.. can get a fair bit free on the site:

For anyone interested try

[url][/url] specialfree (remove the gap.. cant post full link as they seem to monitor these links being posted.. cheapskates!).

6 free items.. combined with a free p n p code from email et voila... Some of it is terrible quality such as oversized magnets, but the business cards, leaflets and small magnets are great. Use em for business... Kids love the caricature notepads and cards too. Lovely way of doing letters from Santa etc.
Oh yeah the link to the free stuff is at the top left, duh. Looks like you can put quite a lot of customised text on there.

Do the free p&p codes really work on free items?
Yup but they are pretty rare.. had just one since I signed up... more if you join the VIP thing but that's £9.99 a month.

Customised text is fine but they charge for customised images (one off upload fee per image, about 3.49). Though saying that$VArXNtzpt/vph5 will give you ten free calender magnets + one free upload.

edit, a few more codes, apparantly expiring at midnight tommorrow.…ph5 one notepad…ph3 one desk calender…ph8 100 postcards…ph4 another 10 crimbo card link…ph6 note cards (10)…ph7 ten large calender magnets.
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