Free $10 worth of chips to play with - NO DEPOSIT @ Pitbull Poker
Free $10 worth of chips to play with - NO DEPOSIT @ Pitbull Poker

Free $10 worth of chips to play with - NO DEPOSIT @ Pitbull Poker

Just free $10



why is it so cold in here the exchange rate isn't quite that bad?!

If you want to learn the basics of poker, its better to play low stakes cash than on the play money tables. However most of these free money poker sites require you to deposit money to lift anything out, you'll then have to play through your deposit and any profit from the $10 several times before you can lift anything out. They reel you in like online casino's and if your not experienced, you'll lose your deposit and anything from this $10. Don't expect this to be easy money.

I've voted cold because its not money you can lift out straight away and there are better more reputable sites out there.

I suspect many are voting because of the "evils of gambling."


Actually if you'll play in micro stakes, $10 is a lot. And if you're a bit expierenced, you can build a nice bankroll. There are not so many poker sites, that gives you money per registration. This is a good offer IMHO.

The Reason Its Being Voted Cold Is It Doesnt Work, Registered Twice To See If It Was My Details, On Two Differnt Emails, Neither Of Which Ackowledge The Promotional Code, Must Have Expired, Nevermind, Love Poker Aswel


Here is what I found on the net:
"After the registration, contact the Live Chat Support and order your 10 $ No- Deposit Bonus. In the following 30 minutes you receive a phone call to check your identity. Your Bonus is available immediately. Or email support and include your account name".

I have followed the instructions and had no problems at all.

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it works fine, get a call confirming you are real then you get free chips to play with and they have a great cashback system.
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