Free 10ml Bottle of Loctite 243 or 270
Free 10ml Bottle of Loctite 243 or 270

Free 10ml Bottle of Loctite 243 or 270

First deal but thought this was a good one

This stuff is brilliant, and a must if doing any car or bike work as it stops nuts vibrating lose and seals the part meaning it wont leak oil etc.

Fill out the form and get a free 10ml bottle, have seen it selling for upwards of £10 for a bottle this size so very good considering it is free.

Takes A LONG time to be delivered tho, i had forgot i ordered it till it came through my door. but if u dont need it in a hurry very good deal.



This is a business to business freebie, just sayin'


Did you have a legit registered business name to register with or make one up?

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hmm didnt know it was a buisness deal... i didnt have to register or anything... seems the link isnt going to the same area that i went to will try to get a correct link.

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have a go with that new link (loctitesolutions.com/cam…725)

i got this from a google banner ad and it didnt say anything about being a buisness customer.....

could explain why it also came with the data sheets etc lol

I think when you fill the form out it's pretty obvious it is for businesses.

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yea true it is probably aimed at buisnes but there is nothing saying you HAVE to be a buisness user in the ad i saw or on that page which is the page you are sent directly to and mine turned up with no problems, as it has for others.


done this a few days ago and it come today. :-)




Thankx ordered

Which one to go for...hmmmm

Anything that stops your nuts vibrating must be worth having.......

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243 is for general use, 270 is for when u dont need to undo the nut very often,

Thanks .. one ordered

Free Sample - This offer has now finishedLimited to the first 250 sample … Free Sample - This offer has now finishedLimited to the first 250 sample requests on a first-come, first-served basis. The 250 sample requests are for 10ml Loctite® 243 or Loctite® 270, not 250 each but 250 in total. Once 250 sample requests have been received, the free sample offer will no longer be valid and will subsequently be removed from the website. Only 1 sample bottle request per applicant. Sample request not open to employees of Henkel Ltd, it's affiliated companies or distributor partners. To request a sample all sections of the application form must be completed. Where an application has not been completed in full, the sample request will be void and not processed. Henkel Ltd cannot be held responsible for incomplete sample requests. It is the responsibility of the person completing the request form to ensure all sections are completed where clearly marked.

Have ordered, ta.


Have ordered, ta.

Looking at my post above then it seems you have given them your details and will get nowt in return...

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where does it say that, i cant find it


where does it say that, i cant find it

Scroll down on T&Cs page, where it reads "Free Sample - This offer has now finished". The link on the home page has also disappeared.

It's deals like this that keep me glued to hotukdeals

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