Free 11 Plus Practice Tests

Free 11 Plus Practice Tests

Found 4th Sep 2014
Sample test papers, useful if your child is thinking of doing the 11 plus exams.
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Thank you. Very useful to have sample CEM paper, not many resources for that available.
I remember CGP...used to use them back in the day .. brings back memories.
Excellent find ... now lets torment the children with them oO
Were are the test papers?
Thank You - very helpful.
I also used this resource to print a number of tests - hope they are useful (free registration required):…spx
The books used to have the worst jokes ever.
Top marks for this post! He he he
I used to love the books, the jokes used to aid procrastination so much! +1
Thanks so hard to find these papers and expensive.
Downloaded all of the free ones so can print when I want.
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