free 12 02 sims!!!
free  12 02 sims!!!

free 12 02 sims!!!



Thanks :-)

tell me what u are going to do with 12 sim cards!!!:giggle:

I only need 6 I need three for family great for when I'm away working and 10 fav numbers etc, and two others for the lads I work with. I know people ebay em and stuff, but seems like a lot of effort for little cash :-) Well happy I am, especially after getting the k800i on O2 for £59 :-)

And I got the K810i for £99.99. Great camera on that one.

Btw, thanks for the post OP (Although I still dont know what I will do with the 12 Sims).
Not ordering as I dont need them, but adding HEAT... :thumbsup:

thankz mate

Any spare - give them to charity shops they are always happy to take them!

:thumbsup: Thanks - Hope I Get These Put Ibn For Some A While Ago Which I Havent Received - Yet!!

all the links go to the same page, with different refer id's

so unlikely you will get 12 unless you have used a different address for each form
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