FREE 12 day David Lloyd gym membership trial

FREE 12 day David Lloyd gym membership trial

Found 8th Jan 2009
David Lloyd are offering a free 12 day trial at the moment which you can get by clicking this link…ial and entering your contact details on the david lloyd site.


Not sure if I'm reading this right but when I look at the website on the page this is linked to it has no mention to a FREE 12 day membership
It does state that the 12 day membership is subject to a "trial fee" which may vary per club

Shouldn't this be in freebies?

This is not a Free offer.

Subject to a trial fee

Thank god it's not a free trial.

Don't want our club overrun by your average freebie hunter :whistling:

this was december only, I asked about it!

The fee is £25 at my local club - Milton Keynes

This was only free in December the 12 Days of Christmas starting on boxing day.

IT was free, indeed. Now expired.
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