FREE 12 weeks weight loss programme including Weight Warchers, Slimming World and RoseMary Conley

FREE 12 weeks weight loss programme including Weight Warchers, Slimming World and RoseMary Conley

Found 21st Jan 2016
Lighten Up is a kick-start weight loss programme for Birmingham area but seems it's been roll out in other areas too offering access to a choice of 12 week online or commercial weight management programmes.
Clients who meet the criteria (based on their BMI, age, and other conditions that may be affected by their weight) either join an online weight loss programme ), or receive twelve weeks worth of vouchers to attend group sessions with one of the commercial weight management services: Slimming World, Weight Watchers or Rosemary Conley.

I did not have to get teferral from my GP but just called my council.

To find out what is available in your area, and if you are eligible, call 0800 599 9880.
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You can also join an online weight loss programme Choose2BSlim for women, or Commit2BFit.

Weight Warchers

Is this Weight Watchers for Yokels?
I rang that number and they were a bit confused about all the calls they were receiving. They only offer this in Birmingham.
Hello, I am a member of staff working at Gateway Family Services who offer the Lighten Up service for Birmingham/Solihull. Please be advised that the telephone number given in the main comments brings you directly to our office in Birmingham. It is not a national telephone line. Therefore there maybe other weight loss programmes available in other areas, however should you phone this number you will only be eligible for support in you live in Birmingham or Solihull. Even then there is a criteria so not all are eligible. Hope that helps.
Lighten Up
Weight management services for adults
The Lighten Up model was put in place by South Birmingham PCT, following
an ‘obesity summit’ of health professionals including GPs, service users and
patient representatives, to target people in South Birmingham with a BMI
over 30 (estimated to be 73,000 adults) and provide them with the
opportunity to access weight management services.
The aim was to enable over 10% of the identified (through GP registers)
obese adult population (n=42,000) to access a weight management service
each year ensuring patient choice is at the centre of the service.
Also to provide additional motivational support through a call centre approach
to managing patients independently, and to evaluate the interventions to
ensure that they offer value for money and establish whether long term
weight reduction is achieved.
South Birmingham
• NHS South Birmingham
• Slimming World
• Weight Watchers
• Rosemary Conley
• GP Practices
• Pharmacies
• Leisure centres
• NHS Size Down
A pilot programme using two GP practices enabled the project to be tested
and refined before being rolled out across South Birmingham.
GPs write to their patients with a BMI of over 30 to advise them that they can
receive free vouchers to use local weight management programmes –
commercial and NHS - the letter invites them to contact the Lighten Up call
centre to find out about the range of services available.
The call centre is staffed by two staff, trained in the call centre management
system and customer relations, but not in nutrition or weight management.
Lighten up is managed by a Project Manager and overall management is by
NHS South Birmingham.
People can receive 12 free vouchers to use on a chosen weight management
programme. There are 53 sessions, from 7 different weight management
services, in 34 locations 7 days a week across the PCT. Day, evening or
weekend sessions are available.
Once the patient has chosen a service, the call centre will make and confirm
the booking, remind them about their 1st appointment and follow-up the
individual to find out if they are happy with the service. If they are not they
have the option to change provider after the first week.
At 12 weeks the individual can then decide how often they would like to
receive follow-up calls and is provided with a maintenance package – a
follow-up telephone schedule, weighing scales and weight recording hints &
HOW? (continued)
The call centre will liaise with the service provider to ensure attendance and also that weekly weights are recorded.

an average weight loss of 5% is
maintained at 12 months
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