free 14 day trial at esporta
free 14 day trial at esporta

free 14 day trial at esporta

14 day free membership at esporta still available....used mine over the half term holidays, you fill in the form and a agent will contact you to arrange a day to commence the trial. i somehow avoided an agent giving me the membership sales talk as i arrived an hour late so once i was registered on their systems i just had to quote my surname at the desk each time and then let straight through, so no hard sell either! its usually £10 for a day pass!


Our local one is closing down!!

So is ours!

Member already... but leaving as just so expensive - £52 for off peak, asked if they could reduce this as only use it during work lunch but of course there is nothing they can do... so still leaving.
Is the closing of branches an indication they are in trouble??

Good Deal though...


Our local one is closing down!!

Not really suprised considering I was quoted over £150 per month Family Membership for myself, the mrs and my 2yr old daughter. Plus, no chance of cancelling within the year.

Shouldn't this be in the freebies section? My voucher from the Times from a couple of weeks back say's the deal expires on 30th June.

nice one just for the use of the pool

Facilities are are good but shoddy customer care from the employees at my local....as you can prob tell, I dont go there anymore......
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