Free £15 eye test at Optical Express* Plus get £30 off £100 on glasses

Free £15 eye test at Optical Express* Plus get £30 off £100 on glasses

Found 19th Feb 2014
£15 eye test at Optical Express* Plus get £30 off £100 on glasses

Book online at Optical Express*, then print the voucher and take it to your nearest store by 30 Jun 2014 for a free eye test. If you book a test, the voucher'll also give you £30 off £100 of complete glasses (frames and lenses), but you can just get the free eye test without buying anything.
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its good with it being free but their eye tests really are not very good, very basic
I went to them at December 2013, after eye test they refused me to give prescription. They asked me to pay them for prescription copy. And guy on the desk was just out of manner person. Not recommended at all. In advertise they say free eye test but after test they demand 15 pounds for test. what a nightmare. ignore them if you want free eye test. If I need to pay 15 pounds then word free lose its weight. miss-selling product.
Optical Express are poor. Really bad customer service, didn't even tell me store had closed and relocated elsewhere.

Went to Vision Express instead. 25 minute examination (compared to 5) and half price eye test voucher on website if you sign up which means it cist £12.50
Optician was fine and got my presciption, which is the most important outcome, but receptionist was poor - perhaps there were no other applicants for the job.

My details were forwarded to various companies for spam too.
Boots (D & A) eye tests are just £5 with the voucher from the bags they give out at the pharmacy with prescriptions. No need to get a prescription filled there, just ask the pharmacist for one of the paper bags, for the eye test voucher.
warning - i took the eye test on their london branch. took 2 hours out of which I was waiting for 1 hours and 10 minutes. the person who took the initial test was tired, disinterested, very fast and looked very unwell. the optician was chirpy and nice.

but in the end - they tried not to give me the prescription saying that the optician was on a long break. on protesting, they gave me a prescription.

but the height was that MY PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG. I cannot believe that my eyesight has suddenly become so weak and the number has jumped up to -4.50 just suddenly. The prescription is no way correct. I am going to take a retest now with another provider.

It was a plain waste of time, a complete waste.

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