Free 151 Travel Tips Booklet

Free 151 Travel Tips Booklet

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Complete the form and they'll rush you their comprehensive 151 Travel Tips booklet filled with international travel tips. Their handy booklet is also packed with travel safety tips, practical information about health and security concerns, tipping and other money matters, and much, much more. Unfortunately it looks like this is only available for people in England not the rest of the UK.


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No, even people north of the border can apply!
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:):)Thankyou for information on guide:)

[SIZE="4"]Typical Americans! Thety refer to "The British Isles" then list Ireland separately. Then they go on to list Italy, Greece, Spain etc & also "Mediterranean" - since when did the former three countries drifty out of the Mediterranean?[/SIZE] :whistling: [SIZE="4"]I'm in Northern Ireland but had to list myself as being in "Scotland" - hope the information comes through.[/SIZE]
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