Free 1.5kg PRO PLAN Kitten food RRP £10 (plus small sample pack)
Free 1.5kg PRO PLAN Kitten food RRP £10 (plus small sample pack)

Free 1.5kg PRO PLAN Kitten food RRP £10 (plus small sample pack)

Free voucher for a 1.5kg bag of PRO PLAN® Kitten Food.

This is a bit complicated (don't say i didn't warn you!) but the 1.5kg bag usually cost £10 so it's quite a saving.

GO TO purina-proplan-kitten.co.uk
When you enter your details a list of local vets will come up, if you pick the best one for you, drop in and ask for a sample of this food. (it's part of the offer that these vets all have sample packs to give out).

In the sample pack they give you is a welcome letter with it's own code. You then go back to the website, and enter that code with your details.


seems a good deal

Original Poster

should be in vouchers or possibly freebies - sorry hadn't realised i'd put it in deals! can someone move it or tell me how?

oh, they're too far from me wonder why they dont serve in the local goddards or my usual local petstores. anyone has spares please i'd be so grateful ........

It wants a verification code, when I chose a vet

Sorry I didn't read properly, I have to go to the vets first.

is this edible for humans?

Original Poster

Edible? yes.
However it may give you hairy paws and a tail - i wouldn't risk it.

cold don't work

Original Poster

don't work how? i'm sure it would help others if you tell us where you had a problem so they can avoide it or we can expire it if it's not working.

link busted!

"We are very sorry, but a system error has occurred. If this error persists then please contact our Call Centre on 0800 028 7711."

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if you read the item details the link there is not busted...

thanks will call in tomorrow
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