FREE 16 PAINTBALL TICKETS @ Ministry of Paintball !! =D

FREE 16 PAINTBALL TICKETS @ Ministry of Paintball !! =D

Found 8th Jul 2009
Right, I got a text from ministry of paintball ( I used them a few times in the past) telling me to follow a link and type in my personal number to win some tickets!

Just enter 0009 as the code and click enter.
Then fill out your details and there you go!

I just found out that you can enter any code and still get the 16 tickets ! lol


lol i just entered a random phone number and guess wat. i won 16 tickets.

they make there money from th paintballs anyway.

"Please note that paintballs are not included with the paintball entry passes.
When you book you will be required to purchase your first 100 paintballs in advance this will cost £11.50."

Compared to Skirmish paintball:

"Any weekend in July/August 2009. £9.99 per person for a full day to include 150 ammo per person."

Therefore cold from me.....

how many paintballs would an average game cost roughly or how many would you need in all? i mean how long would 100 last

100 would only do for warm up lol

I read 400 - 600 for the day @ about £6 to £8 per 100 = £24 - £48 for the day.

Our local (SWAT in Wirral) charges £40 for entry, 600 balls and a smoke grenade. You definitely need to add in the cost of around 600 balls to see whether this is a good offer for you.

I easily got thru 1000 balls in 4 hours on saturday. At a cost of £40. I don't think I've ever been to paintball and got away with paying less than about £50 all in for the day.

I think this would be the same, even with free entrance if the balls are costing £11.50 for 100!

i entered this and have just recieved in post a complete days paintballing well happy

£30 for another 500 balls, so £41.50 for 600 in total (and, by extension, for the day). Not too bad at all.

can we buy ours cheap somewhere and bring in?

when we went i had spent £50 quid and we werent even finished! there was more games to play so cold from me as this is how they make there money and they could make the balls cheaper and maybe more people would return!

if you go with alot of mates some places do good deals when buying in bulk :thumbsup:


can we buy ours cheap somewhere and bring in?

Bringing your own paintballs arent allowed. They tell you its for safety regulations etc gotta have certains paintballs - well thats what they tell you! Its because they make their money by you buying paintballs from them.


can we buy ours cheap somewhere and bring in?

Yes...just hide them in your pants on the way in...if they search you, say they are piles!!!

Cant see were you enter the code? the link seems broken but when i goto main site i still cant see were...

watch out for these.we booked up for our lads birthday.a week before i phoned to check everything was ok and they had closed down the paint ball place we were going to and had not contacted us.they had email,home phone and 2 mobile numbers.they said they tried but they lied.had a hell of a time getting any money yourselves.

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i got 32 tickets in the post yesterday lol.
I have used ministry 3 times in the past before. No problems, although some venues were way superior to others.

Got an email but doesnt say how many, just need to wait on postie.....prob need to dare with guys in work,

First off let me state i'm ignorant to all things paintball related!

I got 16 VIP tickets through the door today, and have been checking them out.
I looked for what it would cost without the VIP tickets and it was only going to charge for everyone's first 100 paintballs, and said lunch was free anyway.
So what i'm wondering is, what if any is the advantage of a VIP ticket?

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