Free 18+ movies

Free 18+ movies

Found 22nd Oct 2006
In The Sun next week free Cert 18+ DVD, usually collect from Forbouys, Martins Etc.

Movies include Rita, Sue & Bob Too, Night of the Living Dead & many more
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GET A FREE DVD WITH THE SUN EVERY DAY FROM MONDAY Get ready for some adult-only entertainment with The Sun's 18+ DVD collection.
There are seven fantastic full length Certificate 18 films to collect every day from Monday Oct 23 with The Sun and News of the World.
Your 18+ DVD collection features classic British films such as Rita, Sue and Bob Too, The Crying Game and Gangster No 1. And prepare for Halloween with the terrifying Night of the Living Dead with the following Saturday's Sun and the gruesome Dawn of the Dead with our sister paper, the News of the World.
Getting your hands on this great DVD collection couldn't be easier. Simply buy a copy of The Sun newspaper every day this week, cut out the coupon, and take it to any participating Costcutter, Martins or McColls.
Then pour yourself a drink and enjoy the action!
To find your nearest store click ]here for Costcutter or ]here for Martins or McColls
Alternatively, collect your vouchers every day, attach them to the coupon that we'll be printing in The Sun this week and send them along with £3.50 to P.O Box 121, Kettering, Northants, NN14 4ZQ and we'll send the whole collection to you .

On Monday, get raunchy with the classic Brit flick Rita, Sue and Bob Too.
Rita and Sue, two brassy schoolgirls from a run-down council estate, have their lives turned upside-down when they start babysitting for Bob – a flashy middle-aged man who introduces them to the ways of the modern world.

On Tuesday, we’re giving you the Oscar-winning film, The Crying Game.
Fergus is an IRA “volunteer” who reluctantly takes part in the kidnapping of a black British soldier.
When the kidnapping goes terribly wrong, he escapes to London and tracks down his victim's glamorous girlfriend.

Get your claws out on Wednesday when we see Joan Collins as The Bitch.
Hailed as one of the most controversial and commercially successful British films to emerge from the late 70’s, The Bitch focuses on the sexy Fontaine Khaled (Collins), who resides in a freewheeling world of fashionable clubs and expensive limos. A high-spirited divorcee whose sole aim in life is sexual pleasure, she has not acquired her ruthless moniker for nothing.

Thursday's give away is the unforgiving, gritty, Scottish thriller, The Debt Collector.
After 18 long years in one of Britain’s toughest prisons, Nickie Dryden (Billy Connolly) has paid his debt to society. But one man will not let the past go. Keltie (Ken Stott) was the policeman who put Nickie behind bars all those years ago, and he’s not buying Nickie’s rehabilitation. Convinced that Nickie’s crimes should not be forgiven or forgotten, Keltie embarks on a campaign of his own.

Friday is all about organised crime as we serve up the ruthless British hit, Gangster No. 1, starring Paul Bettany.
It’s the swinging 60s, and there are women and money aplenty on the streets of London. Business is good. But Gangster has his eye on a bigger prize, he wants to be top dog so he comes up with a plan to take out his rivals and claim the prize pf Gangster No 1.

Want more? Saturday night is fright night as we get ready for Halloween.
Scare yourselves witless with the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead.
In a remote wooden farmhouse seven people fight for their lives against the ever-increasing numbers of flesh-eating ghouls. One by one they are whittled down until, in a memorable shock finale, only one lone hero remains, cowering in the cellar while legions of ravenous zombies run amok.
As the sun rises, he emerges to a new dawn…. but has he survived the Night of the Living Dead?

Video clips of each one on the site too. I'll definitely be getting a lot of these (assuming my local Costcutter is "participating"). Haven't heard of them all but some are real classics. I'll definitely be getting the News of the World Dawn of the Dead too.
Wicked stuff. 7 dvd's for just £3.50 postage will do me fine, but you don't have to choose this option if you want them for free!!


Lol my bad, I also assumed you got one with the Sunday NOTW too. It turns out to be just 6 dvd's now I have bothered to check. Still a bargain.
Ah bummer, i was hoping it was blue movies.

Ah bummer, i was hoping it was blue movies.

Me too, tbh! 18+ sounds different from having an 18 certificate for some reason. But there's good films to be had cheap.
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