FREE! 1kg Garlic Messidor Bulbs for easy planting. Pay only £5.99 P&P  @Ideal World TV Shopping Channel

FREE! 1kg Garlic Messidor Bulbs for easy planting. Pay only £5.99 P&P @Ideal World TV Shopping Channel

Found 20th Mar 2010
Plant now in beds, borders or even patio containers.

For tasty crops just like the professionals grow, plant these bulbs any time from now until January (although early planting in a sunny location in a well-worked, moist, fertile soil is advised for best results). Split the bulbs into individual cloves and plant them upright approximately 2 inches deep, 9 inches apart, in rows at least 18 inches apart. Keep well watered and feed with a general all purpose fertilser in late March and again in mid-May.

Harvest when the foliage has discoloured and developed into a yellow colour, usually around August time. The harvested garlic can be eaten fresh (also known as wet garlic) or it can be hung and dried. Although it is less pungent and more easily digestible fresh, it can last for up to three months if dried and stored in a cool, dry place.

Considered one of natures miracle foods, garlic is not only delicious when added to savory dishes, but is also very high in antioxidants, is a natural antiseptic and is reputed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels!

Garlic forms a staple part of the healthy Mediterranean diet and brings flavour and punch to even the blandest of dishes! Our Elite planting stock is of commercial quality, and therefore extra vigorous, to give you bumper crops that you can harvest when the supermarket prices will be at their highest!
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Theres a whole raft of gardening FREE offers this year.
A few bulbs, plug plants or similar and an over the top
post and packing like this offer.
I use a lot of garlic and at the prices at my local asian
shop I would be hard pressed to spend £5.99 in the
whole year.
Why would you use this much garlic in a year unless you live near vampires.
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