Free 2-hr BabySafe child safety course with Tesco BabyClub * Falkirk, Beverley, Coventry & Chester*

Free 2-hr BabySafe child safety course with Tesco BabyClub * Falkirk, Beverley, Coventry & Chester*

Found 14th Nov 2009
Seen in the Tesco Toddler club magazine, this 2 hour course is designed to help new parents learn what to do in various household emergencies. Will copy & paste the info from their site on next post.

Lots sold out, but still places left in Falkirk, Coventry, Beverley (nr Hull), and Chester.

Not the most exciting freebie in the world, but if it saves a life it's a helluva lot more useful than a set of Post Its!

Think you'll need a Clubcard to book, but not done it myself so don't know what the process it.
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When it comes to accidents that could put your precious little one in real danger, having the right safety knowledge is all-important. Our Babysafe courses are back for 2009! Call now on 01733 385174 to secure a place.
[LEFT]Celebrity mum Terri Dwyer gives her support to the campaign[/LEFT]

[LEFT] Actress and TV presenter Terri Dwyer, third left, launches Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe campaign. Geoff Caddick/PA.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]For the past two years, Tesco Baby & Toddler Club has been working tirelessly to improve the first aid skills of parents and carers through our free BabySafe seminar programme. Over 3,000 mums and dads have taken part.
This year, celebrity mum, Terri Dwyer, has teamed up with Tesco Baby & Toddler Club to launch its BabySafe campaign.
Terri says: “As a parent, you never know what can happen so attending a first-aid course, whether to update or learn new skills, is a must-do for anyone who cares for a baby. The Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe programme, which teaches these valuable skills for free, is a great initiative.”
The FREE BabySafe seminars have been especially designed to help parents cope with babies and young children in emergency first-aid situations.
About the seminars[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Each seminar covers a range of different life-saving techniques including basic resuscitation, what to do if a child is choking, dealing with burns and scalds, spotting the signs of meningitis as well as car-seat safety advice.
The two-hour course also includes a practical session with RLSS volunteers, enabling participants to try out their skills on dummy babies and children. So if you require a refresher course or simply feel you lack confidence in emergency first-aid, please do join us![/LEFT]

[LEFT]From November until the end of March, eight FREE BabySafe seminars will be held at select towns throughout the UK. Everyone who attends will receive a free ‘goody bag’ packed with useful products and a free life-saving skills DVD.
Each workshop runs from 7.00pm to 9.00pm with a break for refreshments.
Mum and dads love it![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Everyone who has been to one of these events has said that they would recommend it to friends and family – so we hope to see you there.
Here’s just a few things some mums said about our last BabySafe events.
“Very, useful & informative. An enjoyable evening.” Lynne Greenfield (Tyne & Wear)
“Brilliant…the manner of the evening was lovely & they put you at ease. I came away with a good knowledge of techniques which I learnt from the hands on approach part of the seminar.” Claire Kirby (Northumberland)
“Really useful, especially the hands on experience. Feel like I’m more likely going to remember what to do, than if I’d just read about it.” Katie Danuar (North Humberside).
How to register[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Below are the dates and locations of the eight BabySafe Workshops. Each location has a two-digit selection code. All you need to do is call 01733 385174 and punch in your selection code relevant to the area and location of the workshop for you and whoever you would like to go along with you. If you have a Tesco Clubcard, please have your Clubcard number ready for the end of the call.
Bristol - SOLD OUT!
Thornbury Leisure Centre
Alverston Hill
BS35 3JB
Location code: 01[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Guildford - SOLD OUT!
Guildford County School
Farnham Road
Location code: 02 [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Slough - SOLD OUT!
Le Club Slough Copthorne Hotel
Chippenham Lane
Location code: 03 [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Cheshunt - SOLD OUT!
Wolsey Hall
Windmill Lane
Location code: 04[/LEFT]

Coundon Court School & Community College
Northbrook Road
Location code: 05[/LEFT]

Christleton High School/Sports Centre
Village Road
Location code: 06[/LEFT]

Haltemprice sports centre
Springfield Way
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU10 6QJ
Location code: 07[/LEFT]

Graeme High School
Callendar Road
Central Scotland
Location code: 08 [/LEFT]
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